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Proof That Modern Macks Ain't Wimpy!

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Who says modern Macks are wimpy?

If the photo comes through, please note a new MR with 3 steering axles in front and a trio of Mack driving axles in back. Under the cab is the new MP engine, and it and the new particulate filter are quite unobstructive. It looks like the cab hasn't had to be raised at all to accomodate the new motor, and it sticks out the back even less than the E7 did. This one and the others in the background are probaly headed for the concrete pumper manufacturer Schwing, located a few miles away.post-415-1171410229_thumb.jpg

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I think you're right- this must be a late 2006 build with the MP engine and 2004 emmissions compliance and the old front grill. The yard they were parked in was pretty busy so I didn't have the pleasure of looking over the trucks in detail, just had time to oogle the axles and a verify the MP engine and Mack transmission and tridem drive axles.

BTW, were the triple steering axles factory fitted by Mack?

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:SMOKIE-LFT::mack1: hey guys we see some of those trucks passing by to go to germany to built up by swing or putzmeister and later on to go back to the usa whit there pumps on it there are sold a few 7 axles whit pump on it nice looking machines go to the websites of swing and putzmeister to see pictures :mack1::thumb::SMOKIE-RT:
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