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Saved An A Series

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This is my first time on here, I went an bought an A series mack this weekend. The owner told me it ran and drove good and only wanted 600 for the old girl. Well I went up friday and looked her over real good and it did run when we dumped some gas in the carb so I offered 550 for it and he took it :)

We went up today, loaded her on and draged her home. When we got it here we pulled the carb as it wouldent run ot its own and cleaned everything in there. The only thing that is wrong is the acceleration pump is siezed up but now it runs like a champ as long as you dont get on it hard. Any ideas wher I can find a rebuild kit for the carb? The bigest surprise was when I looked at the air gauge and it was at 20PSI and climbing, everyone was shocked when I honked the horns for the first time. In the end the relief valve poped off at 85 PSI. I have never worked on air breaks before but I do know that 120 is normal for a newer truck, dose anyone have any idea what is normal on somthing of this vintage? The breaks work real good and it dose drive and shift nice also, I am real happy with it so far,I'll have a lot of work to get her ready for shows but compared to everything els I have brought home this is in great shape :D I have been loking for a 50's era Mack for the past 2 or 3 years and this one finally found me, its a good day.

I'll try a pic here, if it turns out this is just as I honked the horn at 20PSI and surprised everyone in the yard :D:thumb:

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Thanks for posting that Lmackattack, I am going to have to get that figured out ;)

Thanks Superdog, The sun must have been reflecting off the lense of the camra. I stoped to the Mack dealer today and they told me I would need the serial # to find any parts, my problem is I cant find a tag any where on this truck. The parts man told me to look on the frame for a stamped number but I dont see anything. Is it just me or am I looking in the wrong place?

Another question I have is where can I find reprint manuals for this truck? I checked with the dealer and they said they couldent get them so I am back to the drawing board as it were.

I did manage to get quite a bit of the old grease and dirt off tonight, I am going to go get some 3?4 inch plywood to re-build the floor tommarow, then I'll change all the fluids and she should be ready to drive :D

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The tag on the A's were inside the right door on the seat base.The Serial # on the A's will be stamped on the frame near the rear spring hanger up near the top of the flange on the right side.Every once in awhile you'll see one stamped on the left side too,so check there if you can't find it.Hopefully the frame hasn't been chopped or the 5th wheel plate isn't covering it up.This happened alot and is the reason they went to stamping frames by the front axle spring hanger.Check ebay for manuals and parts books,I've seen A model literature on there several times.

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thanks for the tip, I'll take it the seat was origanally a metal base, mine has been replaced by a wood box that will be being re-built at least or replaced, but the tag probly went with the original seat :( I'm not sure if the frame has been cut or not, the back has had some welding done but I dont think it was a 10 wheeler as I can see where the 5th wheel was mounted before it was cut off for the dump box so I'll have to look real close and hope for the best :D

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