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Air Governor Location

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Could I please get some help from the Mack guys,with access to part lookup..?

I have owned several Macks R & CH models. My '01 CH is very different, as far as air delivery. I cannot locate the air governor. The last 6 VIN 139664 CH613.

Also I replaced the 1200 System Saver dryer with an AD-9 Bendix. Is this too small of an air dryer for bulk unloading?(compressor Bendix 1400 tru flow) I only will be using this setup for unloading for about a month. Designed a new unload with aux. power.

Thanks in advance for replies as I will be busy from time to time.



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Looks like it has a Meritor Gov on it. P/n: 8235-RKN18530 (Probally changes to Bendix 275491)

I can't tell exactley were it is mounted, but here is the diagram...


Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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Thanks, Barry, I remember what the ones on firewall looked like but nothing. Thats why I asked. Proably a european style valve.

There is some sort of valve on the pass. side frame, does not look like what I'm used to seeing. Gotta be it. Nothing on compessor.

Thanks wish me luck. :blink:

Anyway of getting a picture of gov.?? Does not look like diagram..

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Been there, also talked to tech support.. These guys are awesome, will spend the time you need for info.

But they said Mack was the worst for tech support, as the vavles are not the like the rest. I guess I need to see what Volvo gov's look like. I found a valve but it looks like a back pressure valve with a dial, this has got to be it.. :rolleyes::wacko:

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Right hand frame rail a little behind the air compressor. Its a real pain to get at, i have no idea why they put it there. If you poke around you will see it. Thats where they are on CLs so I would imagine thats where the CH would be.

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