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100 Anniversity Of Mack Fire Trucks


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Mack stopped building complete fire trucks in 1984; they continued to build fire chassis until

1990. Mack outfitted these chassis for fire service and sold them to fire apparatus manufacturers.

Today, standard Mack chassis such as the "Granite" and "Terrapro" are used by fire apparatus

manufacturers for pumpers and tankers.


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I was reading the March 1973 edition of "Fire Engineering" magazine and I came across a

classified ad for a 1954 Mack B75 pumper for sale by the Radnor Fire Company. I know that it was

sold to Rockingham, VT. where it was painted a nice chrome yellow. When Rockingham replaced

it Radnor bought it back and you did a nice restoration. I just thought it ironic to come

upon this ad after all these years.


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That is cool that you found that ad, I did not know it was advertised in Fire Engineering, I saw an ad from PA Fireman, can you scan a copy of that page and email it to me?

We sold the truck to Rockingham Vermont in April 1973 for $3575, we bought it back in July 2002 for $4250. I had some members complain that we spent more on it than we sold it for. If you figure the cost to store the truck for 29 years, it cost us $23.75 per year, or about $2/ month. I don't think we could have found a better price on a storage garage for 29 years!


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