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first time here just looking for some info. recently bought a B813x1001. it is kinda in rough shape in some respects. it had a 5+2 with a 3 spd aux behind that that was removed and the driveshaft stretched with pipe and not a good way. the cab needs a drivers window and some body work. but it runs pretty good. i belive it has a newer motor but cant seem to read the tags behind the turbo. the frame has afew rough spots and being it was a single axel from the factory i am thinking of finding and returning it to a single axel being i have to do something to get away from 8.15 rear ends.would also like to re install the aux. and of corse paint and chrome it up. what would i be looking for to have a semi-orginal single rear axel. for now i want to put my flatbed on it to get her on the road and eventually return to a tractor with the oil feild winch. i will try a pic for you guys. thanks for the help.


post-7464-090187100 1292202078_thumb.jpg

post-7464-055749600 1292202154_thumb.jpg

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thats cool i was wondering if mack did anything like that starting serial numbers not a 1. could you guys tell me were b model frames the same height all the way back this one steps down in front of the tandems and looks like it was welded in would that be from a diffirent truck. thanks


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Wow, great find there, Sam. Reckon the Mack Museum guys would get excited by that.

Sounds like they just butted up another back end off something else and just welded it all together. :blink:

Whatever rubs your buddah.

The Mack E Model Registry - 103 entries
The Mack A Model Registry - 14 entries

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