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Serial Number, Etc.

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I went threw the cab of a truck the other day looking for the serial number and could not find it on the door. I’m pretty sure it is missing but if I can pin point the location I will check for screw holes. Also, isn’t there one the frame some where? Is it on the drivers side or passengers and what is it near? How about the engine, transmission and rears, where might any identification for these be? I know very little about the truck and I am trying to do a little research. Thanks guys.

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If you are looking on a B model

look behind the passenger side front wheel. the number should be on the frame rail just above the rear spring hanger. example B615LST32474 etc... use this number to find out what the truck was built with.

the engine number should be near the timing cover aera seen from above the engine looking down(near the water pump)

The rear end ratio numbers are stamped on the sloped part of the diff housings.

R 5.73 etc...

Transmission numbers I belive is on the drivers side of the box and will be stamped TRT, TRQ7220 etc....

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