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Tip Turbine Air Filter

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On my RS I have a donaldson 2 outlet filter housing that takes 2 filters. It has 1 short / 1 tall filter elements that are seaparated by a metal plate. each element feeds a diffrent tube. What I want to know is why did they have 2 filter elements and is there a way to just to use a sungle filter element? I went searching for numbers and I found a sticker on the upper filter but I cant find a part number on my lower filter. I went to napa and carquest this week and cant find any part numbers that cross refrence... anyone have a part number for a single filter that fits this style housing?

VIN RS786LST32474



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If it's the same as the tip turbine double outlet setup the Fram filter numbers are CA1550 and CA1551. I was also curious if I could change this to a one filter setup. I worry about the sealing properly. I also wanted to see about switching to a k&n filter with an air ram. It would be nice to get the EGT's down without switching to a front mount intercooler. The old 285 is turned up about 20% and will see 30 pounds on a cold mourning. The EGT's never get to out of hand but will go above 1100.

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On an eastern Mack, the smaller upper (8 inch tall) filter is a 57MD21A, and the larger lower (14 inches tall) filter is the 57MD31A. Mack also used to sell the two filters together in one box under the number 215SB194.

A few Mack Westerns had unusual elements with Mack Western 5-digit part numbers (e.g. 57MD29301). However odds are the above information is applicable to your truck.

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