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Butt Officer, It's Not Mine!


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"CRACK" cocaine no doubt!......always makes me laugh,i watch "cops" on tv every once in awhile,never ceases to amaze me these bastards get caught red-handed with drugs or whatever (on camera) then they still say "that shit aint mine" "never seen that before" i remember one episode,cop was talking to this guy about drug use,he said no,he had a steady job,married,new car and all........did'nt use ANY drugs! he had a "joint" behind his ear! needless to say he went for a ride downtown!............Mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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why is it every time someone gets caught with drugs or drugs are found in a vehical that they were driving and no one else has drove and they are found that they say it aint mine? the owner found a pill in a truck yesterday while we were servicing it and the driver says its not mine. but no one else drives the truck but him.

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Ya mean ya have never been surprised before. Someone threw it inside of his car without him seeing it happen. The guy with it inside his BVD's......aaahhh that's another matter. He was probably at a Harley Club Meeting....and got initiated by having to pick up a bag of coke with his butt and forgot it was in there and got nailed for having it. :pat:

See i'm for the defendant :unsure:


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