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Twin Steer


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Looking at the last Bulldog magazine I see a 2010 Granite twin-steer EPA2010 ready: is there any twin-steer in US?

Those are headed down to South America. Canada also favors twin steer trucks for the weight distribution so they also could be headed there as well.


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Since we are on Bulldog Magazine Vol.2

Is it just me or is the center of the cab roof dented in,,, on the cover truck :blink:

You sure have good eyes! :thumb: I missed that and looked at the cover again. Yes it does look like the roof is dented. At first I thought it was a reflection but you can see the antennas are crooked and there is a bigger gap between the roof and roof faring. Maybe it is the water catch basin for the built-in bunk "shower". :whistling:


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