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Picked Up My Truck Saturday

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I picked up my first Mack this last Saturday so I thought I would put up the few pictures I took of it.



I am working on cutting most of that crap off, from what I have been told there was some sort of a home-made crane thing mounted on it and the rest of it is laying in a pile where the guy who gave it to me got it.


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wish we where closer,I'd love to have that "crap" you're cutting off.

I have decided not to cut it all off. I am definately keeping the winch on, those poles going up the sides I already cut off, the cat walk thing above the cab is coming off and the home-made grill gaurd on the front (which didn't do its job), the rest of the stuff is staying for now.

I will be leaving for school here in about 2 weeks so I hope to be able to get it running during breaks and next summer.


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