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It's Just Crazy!

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A friend of mine told me this hobby is "just crazy" and I think he hit it right on the nose. Cliff Sharp, Tom Zacny and I started out at 5am to retrieve these trucks (actually Cliff started at 3:30, he had a 1 1/2 hour ride to meet us). The Blue Arrow Express is a B-70, the AAA Trucking is a B-67. They have been stored since 1990 and haven't seen daylight since. When we got the 67 to my place, we aired up the starter tank, primed the fuel, and she started on the first spin. The B-70 needed a condensor and off she went. Nothing like a Mack truck! Our plan is to leave these trucks as is to preserve the history of these companies, and also to have them at Gearhart's Mack Show in Lititz. The former owner is a very early member of the ATCA and was co-owner with his brother of Blue Arrow, which is still in business. Their story will be in a future issue of Double Clutch. He bought the AAA B-67 at the liquidation auction in 1989, just down the road from where I live. I remember the orange and black trucks running around for many years in my town and always thought they looked pretty darn good. All AAA B-67's had round fuel tanks, air start and horizontal exhaust, and they had a lot of 'em. Sorry for being long winded. :wacko:

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Those are two pretty trucks. Where do people find such things? I look for 6 months and don't find much beyond old lumps of rust. Everything in New England is either so rusted it's not worth the scrap metal or a $15,000 - $20,000+ truck (I personally don't want to afford). Have any tips or should I reset my expectations?

There is great history with your two new trucks. Keep 'em going.

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Dustin, the old B's aren't hard to find, just go to a show near you and talk to an owner of one. I'd say 8 out of 10 times, he nows where there is one or has a few himself. Join the ATHS and the ATCA to get the show dates. If you live in New England, the have tons of shows, you just missed Bellows Falls, Rutland, Hudson, Massena, Cortland and Barrington, but you can still make it to Thompson Speedway and Foster, RI. I went to a few of thes shows and found about 6 B's for sale at decent prices. Another can't miss for Mack fans is in Lititz, PA at Roger Gerharts place. There is always a truck or two for sale there and not for millionaire prices. By the way, these two trucks found me, once you find one, many will follow! Good luck and don't give up the search, they'll find you eventually. Jim.

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