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Engine parts will be virtually non-existant, body parts scarce. There simply wasn't enough of them produced in four model years to be plentiful in the used parts market.


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That's a great looking old truck.

Rob is right - parts are a little tough to find. Certainly tougher than a higher production model like a B-61.

But some of the fun and the challenge is searching out the parts and the sources for them.

You'll be surprised at how quickly your list of people who have parts will grow. And you'll be surprised

at all of the new friends and acquaintances you'll make along the way.

It's all good!

Paul Van Scott

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Judging from the pics it appears that it is mostly complete. A lot of items are the same as the E model trucks. If the engine is a total loss then I would search out an older mechanical cummins 5.9 to put in. If you want a gas engine then I would go with a chrysler 440. It is a stretch but the 392 hemi was an option in some mack trucks! Gauges aren't too big a problem as they are common with other models. If the seats are trash then go with what fits and is comfortable. My A has a leather 3rd row bench from a dodge caravan.

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