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Window Removal From The Channel

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I have never tried to remove the door glass from the channel that it rests in. how hard is it to get it dislodged from the rubber that holds it in?..fyi...im not talking about removing the DOOR panel.. thats the easy part!

Some are installed with adhesive, some not. The old rubber fuses itself to the glass due to the hot/cold cycles it has endured. I usually just cut the rubber with a windshield cut out knife and replace it. Ensure upon reassembly that the fit between the glass and rubber is a snug fit. Otherwise the window will stay in the raised position while you lower the track.


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i took mine to my local glass shop that does a lot of commercial work for us. he laid the glass flat on workbench and he had a tool that looked like a flat chisel with a cutout on the edge that fit on the window channel without resting on the glass. then he carefully took a hammer and slowly tapped the channel and removed it for me. the rubber was still in good shape and he reapplied it to the new glass and stuck it back in the old channel for me.

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well got the driver side out tonight. came out easy as there was some rust in there with it. looked to be original glass as I saw a date safty stamp of what looked like 1977...LOL. it came out easy and a new rubber went in nice and snug. While I was in there I installed some Dynamat to help sound dead the truck. This weekend I plan to install dynamat in the other door,floor, rear cab wall and fire wall, Hopefull it will help quiet this truck down as its pretty noisy! im adding a 1/2 thick pad on the floor and fire wall so we will see if that helps


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