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Backfired Boycott:


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Rob,I seen FOX News last night when a Mexie pulled an AMERICAN FLAG out of a guy's hand in a p/u truck and slammed it to the ground !!!!! I for one have had it !! I say we boycot them and send them all back to Mexico. Us AMERICAN folk's are just about making end's meet they come here and get a list of free shit too mutch to list here!!!!!They disrespect our people,our country & our flag!!!I'm just tired of it.BULLHUSK

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I am usually a very tolerant person, but on this occasion, I have to agree that the average Mexican in the States tends to disrespect anything and everything, so should go back to the unsafe, insanitary and generally poverty stricken country they came from. Surely, if someone comes here for prosperous living, should they not respect the culture, language and people...

I have been spat at, ignored and robbed by Mexicans, in this country. I have been ignored by white folk on occasion, never been spat at, and never robbed by them. I have friends who have been involved in wrecks caused by Mexicans - IO use the name Mexican to describe the natives of Mexico, not the Hispanics living legally in the US. I don't doubt a lot of them disrespect us and everything about us, but they can't go back anywhere.

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