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88 Dm


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Hey Guys,

Just got a line on a:

DM600 Econodine


300,000 miles

Auto trans

16 foot dump bed (steel)

Good body and so-so interior

I think the asking price is a little steep at $30,000.00 but don't have a clue!

The truck is owned by the company I work for and is up for bid, starting at the above price.

Any input on price out there?

Might be a good deal (or not) but out here in Wyoming, used trucks are cheap

and I think that an 18 year old truck should be much less!

Talk to me!!!


Keep a clutchin'

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Hey Packer, remember, A Mack with a auto trans. is like a whore without tits. Useless. LMAO!

Just my opinion,lol Besides At $30.000 starting bid thats a tad high for a dumper thats almost 20 years old.

Take care, E.S.D. :mack1:

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A bit of experience from the Postal Service fleet...

'84 MC686Ts & STs with Maxitorque 5 speeds- covered 400-500,000 city miles with most clutches and transmissions untouched.

'91, '96. & 98 MRs and CHs with Econondyne 300 and Allison automatic- covered 300-700,000 city miles with most Allisons untouched.

'97 Freightliner FL60s with 6 litre Cat and 6 speed manual- 200-400,000 miles, most have needed multiple clutch replacements and transmission rebuilds.

'97 Freightliner FL112s with M11 Cummins and Spicer 7 speed, 300-700,000 miles, almost all have had clutch replacements, some transmissions rebuilt too.

Conclusion: Both the Maxitorque and Allison are unbreakable, unlike the Fuller/Spicer/Rockwell junk.

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$30,000 is nuts. With that old of a truck with an automatic, I would pay about double scrap price if it ran ok. I guess it weighs about 12 tons and scrap here is about 175 a long ton (2240 pounds) If it had really nice tires I might pay a bit more

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