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Mp8 Engines

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How many recalls is Mack going to have on the MP8? I drive an '08 Pinnacle at work and it is constantly going back to the dealer. I only got 210,000 on it and now it spent 10 days there with a recall to replace the turbo. And don't get me started on the BS regeneration emissions crap.

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really???? what kind of recalls , cause i have a 09 granite mp8 and i havent seen a recall yet.

Most all '09 models have all the updates/recall already done (or upgraded in production)before they get out the factory. The only recalls I have seen for a few '09s was the "tilt steering recall" and a couple of different downloads for PTO switch and injector pressures. The regular problems we do see on the 08-09's are driver side fan belt tensioners going bad (not falling off but off tracking), clutch brakes breaking internally, AC/heater blower motors going out(bad design, cowl drains plug up and water pours in on the motor) and a few winshield washer motors and pumps going out. Most newer '09 have the self cleaning (purge valve) 7th injector for the DPF and this really cuts out the manual cleaning of soot off the 7th injector. Most '09s around here are doing very well, good MPG and no low power complaints.

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Not sure what issues your having, my '09 Pinnacle has just under 100K miles. It's been in about 2 dozen times in the last year for a lot of little crap issues, nothing turbo related yet (knocks on wood) although I just recently developed an oil leak at the turbo. Has been in once DPF work, turns out the injector failed, which ahs been an issue of late for Mack. My steering recall was taken care of before the recall when my steering box was replaced.

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