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Swapping Boxes


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I am doing a frame off restoration of my B613-LT, while everything was apart I wanted to switch from my non overdrive duplex to a triplex which I have found locally, but the triplex has an ear broken off of the main case where it bolts to the flywheel housing. I was wondering if there would be any problem with putting the triplex compound box on my duplex main box, they should be the same main box right?

Thanks Jase

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Perhaps you'd encounter that same problem as when mixing & matching quad box mains & compounds of different vintages:

The output gear on the main box may not match the compound countershaft drive gear.

Just speculation on my part.


"If You Can't Shift It Smoothly, You Shouldn't Be Driving It"

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if your up for the task, gut both boxes, use the main off the duplex with the back off the triplex and put it back together. when i cleaned 45yrs of grime off my duplex i found someone exploded it at one time and brazed the piece back in. i didnt like it so i gutted a quadbox that was junk anyways and used just the case from the quad and the back half from the duplex with all the duplex main internals, Matt


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What would determine if the main gear will fit the compound shaft, do both mains need to be non overdrive, maybe the compounds that originally came behind a non overdrive main will not fit an overdrive main, could this be the difference

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