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Tip Turbine On 237


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I just had a tip turbine off a 285 2 valve given to me. First question, will it fit on my 2 valve 237? What else do I need to do to the engine to make the power? Third, will it all fit under the hood of my B61? And in the end is it worth going thru all the trouble?


If you have all the plumbing, such as air, and oil lines, couplers, turbo/fan etc., it will go right on. It will fit under the hood but be cramped. You will have a noticeable increase in power with setting the injection pump calibration to the ENDT-676 setting plus a little more.

Just be careful with the throttle application when loaded. Transmissions can be tempermental with the increase in torque you will have. If you are accustomed to running a 237 in the truck already, you'll have no problems.


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it will all bolt on to your 237. your turbo clocking may need to be addressed to fit the charge cooler but that is easy to adjust. if you have the stock B model trans go easy on it as the 285 is almost double the torque output. If it has a maxitorque 5-6 speed drive it like you stole it.

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You're also gonna have to put a second air filter on to supply the tip turbine with clean cool air.

Either the double element type or the separate underhood filter with hood scoop will work, or you could do it the way Matt Pfahl did, and put a separate air cleaner on the left side of the cab to feed the tip turbine.


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Alright sounds like a go! I probably should get my ass in gear and sandblast and paint it so I can get some use out of it before winter. I can always put the tip turbine on when its cold.

My truck has a 10 speed unishift. I should find a 6 speed to put in it, because I like to get after it once in a while.

Thanks for the info,


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