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  1. Up on I-40 between Albuquerque & Gallup I live about two miles from the Petro at the 79 mile marker (Grants-Milan) worked on a paving job in Tularosa about 10 years ago, nice place. Doug
  2. Hi Bill, I Live in Milan NM, welcom to the group I havnt been on here for a while, but these guys are a great bunch! Doug Blevins AKA tornado 427
  3. I was really disappointed when I watched the shows, they do great paint and body work, but nothing to the the drive train! I contacted the guys at 4 states, and chrome shop mafia and was told that all the episodes for this season were in the can, and if the show is not a big hit there wont be any more next season. by the lackluster response so far I dont think they will be doing any more. I mean who needs a waterfall in thier sleeper? I would rather have them build a 600+ hp drive train than a flashy paint job any day!! Doug
  4. John, I moved the luberfiner on my KW out of the battery box to the side of the cab, then I mounted a fuel filter,heater, water seperator where the old luberfiner was worked out real good, Doug
  5. Trent, dont forget to bleed the air out of the luberfiner when you prime it! just back off the top plug a few threads and wiggle it around to let the air out as the engine is running. just dont back the threads out too much, as cause when the air is all gone the oil will pressure up real fast and blow the plug too parts unknown LOL, I did that on a KW one time when I worked in the truck shop at CTI, made a pretty good mess, tried to hold my finger on the hole, but couldnt reach the shut off switch, had to let go sprayed oil every where!! Doug
  6. Hey John, looks like the hose holder went on a diet before and after photos, must be the heat, sweats the pounds away Doug
  7. I like the new site lots better than the old, but I understand that for some change is difficult Doug
  8. if there is a trailer supply place close utility etc. they should have what you need at a pretty good price. I buy lots of stuff from Utility, air, elec, and load securement they are usually well stocked with just about anything you need and cost less than the truck dealers Doug
  9. I am really lucky, I live just outside city limits, close to town but still county zoning, I have an acre of land and park all my stuff right in my back yard! even when I was hauling fuel I would pull in the circle drive and park then only 15 - 20 feet to back door of the house, have a nice big work area where I can get winch truck, fork lift etc. around to move heavy stuff. only one neighbor with in a couple 100 yards, and they dont mind at all. hope things stay as they are but some day I might have to deal with city limits expanding then I will have to deal with zoning they are pretty relaxed around here, friend of mine parks his tanker at his house, and he lives in a residental area, go figure Doug
  10. ever been to Kamloops? I Have, DONT GO IN THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY!!! froze my %&* off! -40 during the day, air was so cold it hurt my lungs just breathing it . beautiful country, wouldnt mind going up there again, but would rather go in summer. loaded lumber there got my metric conversion wrong, had fun at the border had to re arange the load to get axels legal, thank goodness I burned enough fuel to get me just under gross, had to dodge scales all the way to LA, real fun trip! Doug
  11. hey Jim, you should be able to find it by going to the links, Doug
  12. Hey Barry, its been tried before with nothing good comming out of it. the main problem is that there are too many drivers out there that cant afford to shut down. they might be paying more for fuel, and making less money, but as long as the big companys keep rolling, most owner operators will also just to keep up. it really sounds like a good idea, but as long as there is freight to haul some one will haul it dirt cheap just to make what little money they can, they figure a little is better than none. luckily for me the company I am leased to has a good fuel surcharge program to where I average $1.35 to $1.50 per gallon. with out that I wouldnt be able to afford to stay running. Doug
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