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  1. There is no actual HD button. You press and hold the performance button down for a few seconds and it goes into HD mode. This will be displayed on dash screen.
  2. EA9 was only released in Australia as it didn't meet US emissions. Australia has always been one step behind in emissions. Last ones built here were in 1999 and then was replaced by C16 and ISX Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm from down under and run a couple of mp10 Titans with mdrive. Had no problems with the mdrive as yet with weights up to 140t. Would like one of the new 13 or 14 speed ones with the extra crawler gears. I run 4.1 diff ratio. Mdrive is single overdrive and ratios are similar to the old 12 speed Mack boxes. Pulling triple road trains we use the mdrive in HD mode all the time. Economy mode changes too low and performance over revs and uses every gear. HD mode changes nicely and still skips lower gears when empty or not needed. Oldest truck had done approx 600k km without missing a beat. Mp10 has been great too but as ours is 685 hp and SCR only so hard to compare with yours
  4. Australian superliner/Titan now getting fitted with US 60" sleeper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Can't say I've seen one of these down under but I know there was a handful of mk1 super liners built here with 3408 cat motors. Maybe this is one.
  6. I think the 685 Mack and 700 Volvo motor are almost identical power. American manufacturers measure horsepower with accessories (eg compressor etc) on the motor where European manufacturers measure without. That's why they have always had ponies.
  7. In Australia we are one emissions step behind the US which allows the mp10 to be scr only. Set at 685hp with 2300lb-ft torque, the mdrive is the only gearbox rated to handle the torque. A 600hp (2065lb-ft) setting is available with a road ranger 18 speed. The mp8 here is also scr only and can be rated at 535hp with 1925lb-ft torque. Both engines run a wastegated turbo.
  8. I don't think he is after a more knowledgable group of people, just a group that isn't so negative all the time.
  9. Heavy haulage Australia's Titan with a 76" low rise sleeper
  10. Due to us being behind the US in emission standards here in oz the 685 mp10 and 535 mp8 are SCR only.So unfortunately I dont think you'll be seeing a 685 there any time soon. Having just returned from the US I was impressed by Macungie and Hagerstown plants. Can see no reason why you can't put a mp10 in a highway truck over there or a decent bed on a Titan. Not politics I hope.
  11. Hey guys, can't wait for the mp10's to start rolling off the production line here. If they're half as good as reported Mack will sell a million of them. Since cummins switched to egr we've had nothing but trouble with no alternatives available.
  12. Name: Mack Titan (2010) Date Added: 20 December 2011 - 06:01 AM Owner: Outback Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
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