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  1. Wishing you luck with your Jr., hope you are able to save it and bring it back to life.
  2. Jim, they were basically the exact same assortment as in the Youtube video on the 3-occasions I have been staying at the same hotel. Seems like the like Hilton properties. Maybe they are Hilton Honors members and are building up points
  3. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Harrisonburg, VA on Wed night and the parking lot was filled with blue unmarked trucks of various sizes bearing Government plates. On Oct 24 while staying at the Hampton Inn in Abingdon, VA on business I saw the almost the same contingent in the parking lot. In Oct 2016 while staying at the Hilton in North Myrtle Beach there was a like contingent staying there. All in all there were several Suburbans, two or three utility service type trucks pulling trailers and an ambulance type vehicle, all unmarked with matching navy blue paint. Having seen them there different times at three different locations curiosity has gotten the belter of me. Any thoughts on what they are?
  4. Annoying commercials, I would be mortified if my son didn’t know what a lug wrench was as depicted by an insurance company. I have two daughters and some of the first orders of business when teaching them to drive was to backup using the mirrors, know how to check the oil and change a tire, drive a standard transmission and never stop on the shoulder of the road unless it was a true emergency. (IE: something more pressing than to let the dog out to pee or switch seats). The older I get, the more I witness more the death of common sense. Am I just a cranky old man?
  5. Kiss the "LIFETIME" guarantee good-bye! Tried to get a replacement for a pair of needle nose pliers last week and my local store told me since Craftsmen was sold they don't have to replace broken tools. I was a very loyal customer for years. As a casual mechanic I had pride in all of my Craftsmen tools. They may not have been on the same level as Mac, Snap-on, Cromwell and some others but for a weekend warrior they performed pretty well. Although they aren't a full line toolmaker, one brand that hasn't changed in my opinion is Channel-Lock, the pliers I bought for my son-in law for Christmas are pretty much the same both in style and quality as the ones I bought in the 70's. Vice Grips aren't the same since Stanley bought them and moved manufacturing from Nebraska to some other country as there first order of business. If you work in a company and see Stanley execs pull up out front you best start looking for a new job because they will be sending yours overseas.
  6. While on the restaurant fire subject I went on many restaurant fires years ago, some owned by Marriott. In several cases the manager told us take what you fellows want, because we will be throwing everything out. We would fill the hose beds until they were overflowing =commissary was filled and good eating for weeks.
  7. We installed 2 in a large Waste Water Treatment Plant in Northern Virginia. They were installed in addition to the large Alco unit that was already in place
  8. Actually, Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) is now a Cat Company.
  9. Yellow things look like Cat G3600 or G3500 units, manufactured in Lafayette, Indiana. Spent a week there a few years ago witnessing factory tests on 3 large Cat 3616’s, 900 RPM Diesel units similar to these which were for large generators. If I remember correctly they weighted about 134,000-lbs each and about 33-ft long
  10. My father made his own re-grooving tool using an old Paragon Soldering Iron (American Beauty Model 3198 550 watt by today's standard) the cutting edge was formed from a sharpened piece of SS and attached to the tip via holes he drilled and tapped. Attached with silicone bronze machine screws to promote heat transfer. Iron costs about $264.00
  11. Jim, I have received 2 of the 5 under recall they came via FedEx Ground on 2 different days. My FedEx Ground experiences haven’t been great. In my area, FedEx ground = a deadbeat that has an old worn out truck that can’t back up your drive and uses your yard instead, then leaves your package at the foot of the steps on a rainy day Tried to use “MISHANDLED” as my user name on FedEx Website to track packages and was informed it had already been taken. Go figure. Kidde sends a label with the replacement for you to package and return defective item. FedEx Ground will come pick it up, I asked for a receipt and the driver said they don’t give them out. So my only proof of sending them back were the photos I took of them on his truck.----GOOD-LUCK
  12. The Liebherr site in Newport News, Virginia.was originally an airplane manufacturing plant operated by I think GE during WW-II .
  13. Read this the other day on the Facebook CF-Mack page. What a great gesture to help a rural fire department that like so many have very limited funding.
  14. Random question, how many guys have urinals in their garages? I installed a small urinal in my garage today. My wife thinks I was crazy to do this. Her theory is there is a complete bathroom in the Mother-in-law suite above the garage and I can just run up there when nature calls. My thought is--- I don’t have to take off my booths if they’re dirty to go upstairs and it saves time. Any comments.
  15. fxfymn, It is all about having the right tool! My daughters always try and figure out what new gadget I need for Christmas this time of year.
  16. fxfymn Senior moment, actually they are/were at Graves Mountain Farm, off Apple Tree Lane & Rt. 670, Syria, VA. under a tree on the north side of 670. Not too far from Culpeper unless you are walking! Ref: Bobby Monn (I know the whole story) I heard a rumor years ago and apparently he went back to Fayetteville area? Got to know some of the guys from up that way when they would come down on the weekends and ride/catch fire at 29. Some of them were fearless and scared me a time or two
  17. Yes it is, It is a shame of what happened to both of the pieces from Oxon Hill
  18. Carl, The “C” in the pic (212) was totaled in an accident while running a 42 Box. It occurred about 4-months into the 1-year wait for the 4-Pirsches Oxon Hill had on order. To fill the gap they bought a CF demonstrator which went to 42 to run as the wagon (days of 2-pc Eng. companies) They moved 42’s pumper 53 Mack to 21 to run as pumper which later served Lake of the Woods and unfortunately is just wasting away somewhere near Culpeper last I knew. The Pirsch in the bay was Oxon Hill’s TDA. The pic of the CF was taken shortly after delivery on the ramp at 42 and prior to being Gold Leafed. The CF was later purchased by the County and saw a great deal of action a Chapel Oaks, 38. Here are a couple of pics I have gathered off the internet of these pieces. Amazing how well the Federal Q has held up over the years.
  19. Thank you I thought they did and I had a guy that is a "LEGEND IN HIS OWN MIND" tell me I didn't know much about "C's"
  20. Does anyone know if a "C" in the 59-60 range could have had air assist steering? Never drove one but spent time in the bucket doing various jobs in Prince George's County, MD and can't remember. Not my photo was by Donald "Doc" Moltrup on the ramp at Co. 21, 7600 Livingston Rd.
  21. I think it did, several of the Heavy Squads I am familiar with did.
  22. Here are two US electric truck companies I have been following with interest. (http://workhorse.com) and Unique Electric Solutions LLC Workhorse has an assembly plant in Union City, IN to manufacture new, medium-duty truck chassis in the 14,500 to 23,500 GVW class. Unique Electric Solutions LLC, Smithtown, NY, UPS and Unique Electric Solutions LLC (UES) will design, build, test, and make the conversions. In addition to producing a new, cost-effective all-electric conversion kit. UPS and UES may convert up to three UPS vehicles a day. This could lead to the conversion of up to 1,500 UPS delivery trucks, which is about 66% of UPS’s NYC fleet by 2022
  23. If in fact it is the old piece from Silver Spring, Md, and ended up AACO #7 here is another pic of it sitting in the bay at AACO #7. Maybe someone that knows John can comment. I had the pleasure of driving it a few times when it was @ Prince Georges Maryland Fire Department Company 21 as reserve squad shortly after theirs was wrecked. Large steering and non-synchro tranny. It would roll on I-95 heading west (downhill) toward the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Just noticed that the penetrator siren and FEDERAL Q had been removed at some point
  24. Yarnall, Glad to hear it hasn't been scrapped!
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