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  1. if it isnt a mack send it back

    1. Rob


      Especially one of those Peterbilt things.

    2. umodelnut


      thats a good one that should be like a famous quote

    3. randyp


      heh heh,,kinda like "Once you go Mack, youll never go back".

  2. thanks next time in that part of pa i will look them up always wont to look at old f models
  3. according to the build sheet it was sent to dept of energy and shiped to waltham mass and listed under gov't sales then i have alot of mant records from argonne nat labs in IL. with a unit #me 426 throught mid to late 90s in 97 it had a minor acc and the drives name on the report was jeff norton and was reported to pfs rigging hope all this helps thanks jay
  4. my 66 R has a13 doubble over 2 stick and the guy in the sec vid has got it right and yes he has talent but the guy in the frist vid is cheatin and not very well eather
  5. fantastic job gos to show what a mack lover will do to mix the love of his truck and his wife trucking and camping lol . by the way i did the same thing to my 66 R
  6. agred 4-5 sounds more like it some guys think a- b model is a-gold mine
  7. yep jhon that is the truck you are correct the museum only could give me a vin search because the truck was used as a test bed by thermo electron co not mack but thay cant give me any info no one there was there in the 80s ran in to a wall on info
  8. i have had almost all the brands out there in towing equp over the years but the best one i had was aatac on a 1 ton had the best boom for its size and the nicest controls to use
  9. There was a big prob with the F model it rusted out and wore out [ one truff truck] because of this parts are a hard find and hole trucks are even harder to find so at the truck shows not many there. so those of us that have them are very proud of them and ritefuly so i think we should band togeather to save one of macks best trucks ! sorry guys got up on my soap box there. I do have a request though alot of you have sean my truck and that is appernt by the missing grass around it at macgungie this year i have the rased roof gold and white F-model test truck that I am going to name " what th
  10. mad macks- can you take a pic and how much$? it sounds like correct one just wont to be sure thanks
  11. thanks doug we issed you guys too we have been involved in building a new garage for sharons car so i can get my macks inside the other garagewe are looking forward to spring and a new show season lets keep in touch
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