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  1. If it has a in line pump you have some stuck plungers.
  2. Can you try to post pictures?
  3. How much do you want for the brake shoe linings?
  4. I was able to find some local.Thanks for the effort.
  5. Does it have PSM or PSJ rotary injection pump or APE in line pump?Thanks
  6. Clamp number is 15QJ16P-3.Thanks
  7. Do you still have engine?
  8. No number for clamps yet but will get back to you on that.Thanks
  9. What is the number of the injector pump and how much?
  10. Number is 2QJ3105P2.Thanks
  11. Need spider for steer axle on B61SX .Has FA522 axle,12,000#. 22 inch rims.Spider has the cap with Mack logo.Also need wheel wedges for 55,000# rears,these are notched out in back where they straddle spoke.
  12. d73tcat

    B-61 Parts

    Is the speedometer cable still for sale
  13. Girl in first picture coming out of woods is Bigfoot!!!!!
  14. Will get some measurements this weekend and get back to you.Don't know for sure about the pic's tho,dont know how to post them on here.
  15. Forgot to mention they are in south central Ky.Came off B70 Mack.
  16. I've got a pair of 75 gal. round aluminum tanks with brackets.If you're interested ph.270-847-1255
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