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  1. Welcome sageman, does your machine have a v8 or is it an ordinary dog? Nigel
  2. Ive just bought myself a residential warehouse, it has a ground floor with a 4.25m roller door and 4mx12m work bay with workshop area to one end , then a n office ,shower,laundry,toilet. Upstairs is a kitchen,living area and bedroom. The superdog looks kinda lonely in there , but im sure a few Mack posters will liven it up, only thing is that it needs twin roof extractors to take the smoke from the stacks when it starts up Nigel.
  3. Would you like some of New Zealands MC versions? Nigel
  4. aparently Billingtons own it now, I will show Frank, the driver as he now drives our 450 Isuzu, how far down did you have to dig for this pix?
  5. welcome rob, plenty of CFs comming up for disposal soon her ein NZ Nigel
  6. Here in Nz it was found that engine oil escaped out through the breather as it was mounted on the rear of the valley cover, especially when climbing our steep mountains etc, a modification was isued by Mack , that blanked off the original outlet and a new rocker cover was fitted with a breather unit on it, a bit like the PCV valve that was on ford cars. I woundnt say it made the truck go faster though, just slowed the oil down a bit. Check your steering arm where it mounts to the kingpin, mine broke off when reversing and the crack had been there a while, around the top kingpin bush. nigel
  7. Long way between the guards and the front tires, is there a reason for this/ Nigel
  8. Welcome, my 5 cents worth would be ,has the engine received the modified breather system to the engine, ie no longer at the rear of the valley cover? nigel
  9. Trent; Ive got an 3/8 thick alloy bumper, which has the bolts that hold it to the chassis lengthened and 2 sets of steel jaws attached with a drop pin, 1 each side, Its very useful when tying on to the roll on roll off ships. They dont destroy the bumper and can be taken off and the bumper still looks original. Have a look on my album. Nigel
  10. Dont buy Volvo front end loaders, all of ours have knackered their transmissions after 6000 hours, so we keep a spare, The only reason we have bought them , is initial price compared to Cats, cant resell them. Nigel
  11. Hope you can read about this truck that is for sale soon, in case you cant here are the details; 610hp,18 speed, air susp,Voith retarder;cd player. This truck was the last sleeper cab Mack Ultraliner ever built in the world, impecably serviced, nouthing spared, 800,000kms, NZD$130,000 Would suit your style Trent! nigel;
  12. try this address haulageparts@inspire.net.nz, they have got the following engines; e9-440/500/525. good luck. nigel
  13. The pump which is mounted on the side of your gearbox via the PTO should have only 2 ports , 1 for suction and 1 for pressure, the pressure port should go to a control valve, mounted somewhere else. this is where your cab control is connected via 2 airlines, the ports on these vary , but a simple setup would have a pressure outlet port which goes to your trailer connection. one port maybe a relief valve dump line and will go back to your tank, the other will be the pressure in from your pump, the return line from your trailer will go directly to tank and may have the relief dump line connecte
  14. Ive got one on my ute, good quality manufacturing.nigel
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