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  1. I predicted that it was gonna sell for around there and be turned into something else ,what a shame
  2. Another trick to take out the oil is baby powder, used that on plenty of old CAT dozer clutches,get a big jug of baby powder and have at it
  3. They were gonna do that,,,but they sold it
  4. Name: Mack CF688 (1900) Date Added: 24 August 2015 - 07:52 PM Owner: fergusonsystem Short Description: 1500 gpm 1000 gal tank View Vehicle
  5. Name: Mack R487FC (1976) Date Added: 24 August 2015 - 07:15 PM Owner: fergusonsystem Short Description: 1000 gpm pump 750 gal tank View Vehicle
  6. If you can't find any plates at all,,,look for an old registration card ,,,,or contact Rockville Fire co, they are the original owners
  7. Has Santa Claus made his delivery?
  8. My dad used to drive a b42 , he hated it,,, the stories he tells about it crappy power
  9. There is some trick you can do ,u send the bill of sale to some place in Nevada , then somehow they send you a Nevada title, then you can go to penndot,,,I guess google it that would work
  10. They slid the script emblem to the front of the hood to make room for the fire co name
  11. Is the old trick I heard about true? If you have a stuck valve you take and dump transmission fluid down the carb while the motor is running to unstick it?
  12. I also called about this truck ,was gonna bid ,,but then I seen a bunch of people run it up at the end and it was a lil outta my range ,and boy that chief likes to talk ,great guy to talk to,and Al thanks for the compliment on my R , took it to pump primers in Harrisburg and got first place for fastest water with it
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