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  1. Underdog - you were right. The foot pedal was binding. Pulled it apart, cleaned it up and greased it. It's working now. I need to adjust the brakes and I think it's good to go. Thanks.
  2. Update: I couldn't work on the truck through the winter but finally have done a bit of checking and followed your advice gearhead. I unpinned the clevis and backed off the adjusters. Manually moving the adjuster back and forth is relatively easy and I can see the brake shoes moving. I think that's ok. I was about to remove the airline closest to the push rod but noticed that the foot valve is really hard to push. I'm wondering if it's the air valve. Any advice?
  3. I bought a Mack tanker fire truck and had it shipped to me. When they attempted to load it, one of the rear axles drug in the gravel. The fire chief said it didn't do that when they parked it. It sat for about 6 weeks before I got it. It wasn't locked up and they were able to load it on the step deck. I drove it off the step deck and you could definitely tell it wasn't right. I had to drive it about 300 yards to park it which was no problem. Any ideas? I was going to check the slack adjusters but is there anything else I should be looking at? Thanks
  4. Spent 3 days going over several issues. New plugs, rotor and distributor cap. Ordered everything I needed to make new plug wires. Ordered new gas filters and worked to get gas from the gas tank to the engine. Ordered a square plug tool for my ratchet to remove the fuel tank plug. Trying to figure out what's locking up the rear wheels. Brakes are caged so it has to be something with the pump lock out but haven't figured it our yet. I have a long weekend off this weekend so going to hit it again.
  5. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and try to start her with the stuck valve. Just want to see if she'll run. The chief told me they hadn't started her for 7 years. Any hints to bringing her to life? I'm also looking for any manuals / schematics for the truck, engine and pump. Also as a side note, the batteries wouldn't hold a charge so I pulled them and put another set in. Ran through all the switches and lights and it looks like everything works. Tested the starter and it turns. It has one of those old rotary style sirens that is extremely loud. I live in the mountains in WA state were a lot of forest fires are raging this year. The "siren test" scared the hell out of the folks that live near me. I ended up getting phone calls, texts and emails from everyone including a friend that lives a mile from me.
  6. Sooooo... the truck arrived but on the way here something shook loose and the rear wheels would not turn. Caged the brakes but still no luck. We pulled the drive shaft and carefully winched her off the step deck that brought her here. Part way down the loading ramps the bolt holding the ramp to the step deck broke. Ended up needing a crane lift to safely get the job done. Cost $750 to get her off the trailer and towed the last mile to the house. I'm trying to get the pic's uploaded today.
  7. I finally got the truck home. Have the whole thing documented and will post how it finally got to my garage.
  8. Finally got a decent bid to move my truck. Stone Trucking. They are oil rig transporters... will take pictures when she gets here on 8/6...
  9. I'm looking to transport this rig from Alabama to Washington state. Any one know who to contact for cheap rates? Current bid is $5,000.
  10. Original Mack everything, engine and body. Air brakes... has 24,000 miles. Correction - it has 124,000 miles.
  11. No it's serial number 1008. Finally got to talk with the chief of the fire department selling her. Sat for 7 years while they made up their mind to sell. The body, chrome, tires are in excellent condition but she doesn't run right now. Chief said she's got a stuck valve. Going to have to make shipping arrangements to bring her home.
  12. I bought a 1968 R608f Mack pumper from the state of Alabama. It is in excellent condition. I've been told it sat inside for years. I take delivery in the next 10 days and take it to WA state to fight fires.
  13. 1979 Mack / Farrar MR685S Tanker Fire truck
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