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  1. Terry, I had it running 2 years ago, seems to drive ok. Front brakes work. Had water in it a few years ago but I changed the fluids and it did not seem to hurt it any. No title as it came out of New York. I do have a spare engine from an A30 I parted out many years ago. There are a few parts from the A30 also (doors, steering box) the A30 had a title. Hope this helps some. Thanks for asking.
  2. Thinking it might be time to sell my A. I've had it for 23 years and it doesn't look like I will ever get around to doing anything with it. It's about 40 miles south of Omaha. There are some pics of it in the A registry. If anyone is interested, tell me what it is worth.
  3. I saw a topic about this back in Feb. I'm running XP and have tried chrome, internet explorer, and Firefox. I get the SSL error. What is the solution? The site comes up on Android but hate these small keyboards. HELP!
  4. Wow, Something like that would make me very happy too!
  5. I can't believe Superdog left out the A model. What's up with that?
  6. Hi Paul, That truck looks just like mine, OK, yours might be in a little better shape, either way those A models are cool.
  7. Thanks for the advise Rob. I went back down to the quarry on Friday and drained the fluids, got 8 gallons of water out of the engine, 2 gallons out of the transmission and another 2 gallons out of the rear end. Pulled the plugs and shot some oil into the cylinders then let it sit while I cleaned up the rest of the campsite. Refilled the fluids and cranked it over with the plugs out to try to blow anything out of the cylinders. Put the plugs back in and it pretty much fired right up. Seems to smoke a little more than it used to so I got it warmed up then let it cool, then warm and cool again in the hopes that the rings might reseat again. I don't drive it enough to worry about oil consumption and this just might keep the bugs down! Then I bled the brakes to flush any water out of there and took it for a test drive. Seems to run just fine so I'm happy again. Now I can get back to gathering firewood and grilling out, pictures attached!
  8. Thought I would update my posts about my old Mack. A couple of months ago when all the snow went away I got back down to the quarry to play with the Mack. Took the carb apart and found that the accelerator pump does have an adjustment on it, so, I played with that a bit and also played with the timing. That seemed to cure the hesitation when hitting the gas, now I've got good throttle response and of course that makes it a lot easier to shift those gears. I was so happy! Unfortunately, for the last month or so it has been raining, and raining, and more rain. Yesterday, I heard on the news that the creek that borders the quarry had flooded. Drove down earlier this evening to see what had happened, not good. The water had come up about 4 inches above the floorboards, engine is filled with water and I assume the transmission and rear end are also topped off. Depression has set in and of course it is lightening out and raining again. I still have hope that if it ever stops raining that I can drain the water and hope that it has no severe damage. Has anyone here encountered this before? When I drain the crankcase should I also pull the plugs and put some oil in there, hand crank the engine before attempting to start it? Any ideas?
  9. I saw that on ebay, got it on my watch list, wondering what his reserve is. Looks really nice, hope you get it bigen!
  10. Hi Fireman, Thanks for posting the picture of your "A" model. I always enjoy seeing these trucks in there natural habitat. Sounds like you are getting some good use out of it and having fun too. Can't wait till all this snow goes away and I can get back down to the quarry to play with my Mack some more. You mentioned having some carb problems and mine has some too. It seems to me like I'm having some accelerator pump problems because of the lag time when giving it gas. I had the carb apart about 10 years ago and it seems to me they have a metal to metal contact for the pump. Must be worn enough to not have a good seal, that's what I'm thinking anyway. I'll probably have it apart this spring and try to see what I can figure out, maybe a couple of sidedraft webers would solve the problem, LOL! Let me know what you come up with for a solution. Anyway, thanks again for the picture, Bill
  11. Wow, I've still got a bunch of HO Thunderjet slotcars from my childhood, I might have to bid on one of those, really cool!
  12. Hi Joe, Thanks for the response, I was beginning to think nobody cared. I wrote to the Mack museum a couple of years ago and they had a wealth of information about the truck. The chassis number is A20H 3511 and the engine number is EN291-21-40. They show a build date of 12-11-1951 and it was sold to the State of New York and delivered to the City of Staatsburg on 12-31-1951. (Not sure if that makes it a 1951 or 1952 model). I bought the truck about 15 years ago from a guy in Red Hook, NY and I believe I paid $700.00 for the truck and then spent $900.00 to have it shipped to Omaha. Then it was about another $150.00 to have it towed to the abandoned rock quarry where it resides to this day, happily I might add. It took a little TLC to get it running but has been well worth the cost in fun alone. Anyway, about that flower planter thing, Who would have thought that 58 years after the truck was built, I would get to drive it around the rock quarry, haul brush and wood, build huge bonfires, and grill out steaks. As an added bonus, the wife helps me load the brush and doesn't demand to drive the Mack. Yes, Life is good, I know the Mack feels the same way, not sure about the wife. Again, thanks for the response, Bill
  13. I attached a picture of my A20H, 1952 I believe. Just got the transmission back in it and drove it last night, had a little problem with the main drive gear on the countershaft, but it's all better now. I'll get back to you with the serial number. Sure am happy you started this registry, I've owned this truck for 15 years and haven't ever seen another one of them. Thanks, Bill
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