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  1. Josh, Not quite sure of the specs you are looking for , but this one is around Reading area. Dan I. http://reading.craigslist.org/cto/5444227990.html
  2. Winter is coming! Gear up with this pair of RW sanders in Montreal auction on Sept. 26th
  3. Same truck. Now in WV.
  4. This counts for misc. Doesn't it? 5LLD Euclid.
  5. KT 450 Cummins power. Truck drives like a pickup.
  6. Wish I had a better picture of this one. An RW leased to Landstar resting along PA. Turnpike around Valley Forge 15 years ago or so.
  7. If anyone ever tells you that an E9 is strong enough to pull a house, Here is the proof! E9 powered RW722 winch truck for Flory & assoc. Moving a house outside of Ephrata Pa. several years ago.
  8. Good-looking Autocar from Macungie. Benscoter landscape from Buckingham, Pa.
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