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  1. And alsofore just finished pouring tank ring for 1 million gallon oil storage tank, had to remove 40 inches of dirt, 90 foot diameter circle, backfill with 40 inches select fill clay, compacting in 8 inch layers, put up with 9 inches of rain the whole time. Ifn they ever manage to fill tank up, it will weigh 10 million pounds. (sure hope it don't sink and I get my panties sued off) Insurance company required 4 compaction test during construction, and it passed them all, still got fingers crossed though,,,randyp
  2. Bought me a brand new bobcat skid steer S770, got a brushgrinder, (or wife chopper) with it, grapple, bucket, set of forks, take on or off tracks, cab, air, heat, radio with mp3 player,,,just drive through woods and grind everything up,,(cept a piece of old rebar hidden in leaves, that dint go well). Weather don't matter, just get in and crank tunes up. I hope pic loads, not sure bout this piece of doodoo laptop,,,randyp
  3. randyp


    My main industrial sized themally fired computer fried a while back, bought me a cute lil laptop, haven't figured out how to load pictures yet, but have a boatload of really cool ones will get on later.randyp
  4. randyp


    Yall all straighten up and get it together,,I leave for 5 minutes,,er,,,maybe months, come back and find out otherdog is in the moonshine bidness, hatcity is running round slaying cute lil birds with his truck, cant I leave you kids alone 5 minutes? I hope all are well and am going to try and get everybody back on track. randyp
  5. Yeah, it sure can make a mess of things, up to now, been fighting dust, now its mud time. I usually just rent a pump, its cheaper, costing bout $70.00 a day, but I dont have to maintain it and trip over it when dont need it. Our rainfall totals here hit bout 7 or 8 inches yesterday. It really did come down. Nice and cool this morning though,,62! Have a good weekend,,randyp
  6. Well, as usual, your kodiakatronomy is impressive! Im all outta likes,,but I will come back tomorrow and LIKE you all over. (agin) randyp
  7. A dern V*olvo is still a dern V*olvo, no matter whut year, country, model, or whutever. You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig,,(however a few texas farmers may differ on that opinion bout the pig),,,randyp
  8. Congratulations!! Have a good time and be careful! randyp
  9. Wow! Glad all turned out well! Stop doing stuff like that! Thats a pretty good load to be heading out across the prairie with. No doubt bout it, you are a very skilled driver! (me,, I woulda let go the wheel, and been screaming like a 4 year old on a sugar high) randyp
  10. Well,,,yeah,,,but, but,,,well,,maybe the moron dint want it filled up yet, I dont know who the moron was, mind you. Just saying, dont have a clue who it is. Now hes prolly gonna have to pump it back out,,and ,,and ,,wait for rain again,,(27 more months),,can I get back with you on this? (hmm,,hes got a point there,,rain equals water,,and ponds need water). hmmm,,interesting theory,,randyp
  11. Heh, heh,,Get this,,,some moron from texas decided to dig a pond just a few days before the largest rainfall since the invention of the mayan calendar! I wonder what he was thinking,,(stop humping my leg Spot, Im trying to take a picture). His name is prolly on side of that truck, but not gonna bother with sloshing out there and looking. I think he musta got his "dirt degree" from the university of oklahoma. randyp
  12. prolly could have, but had to wait bout 5 minutes after each bucket so i could find truck again, i think this is driest i have seen in long time,,,randyp
  13. I would have tarped it Officer, but I ran outta tarp, honest, really..
  14. Rain is actually in the forecast here in Dry Gulch,,i mean,,Daingerfield, Texas! Im so excited, I could become urinarilly incontinent! Im gonna go play in it and try to actually bog down or sumpin! Dust the spider webs off the chokers boys,,here i come!! randyp
  15. Ah,,nuttin beats the smell of diesel, dirt, and fresh pushed green trees,,cough,,cough,,hack,,cough,,,patooie,,we just dont have green trees here anymore, or regular dirt, ours is all dust,,,randy,,,cough,,p
  16. Thats when they are at their most fuel efficient. Them big rascals can gobble down a tank of fuel. randyp
  17. Rippers were fun, unless you were on coal, or rock, or something hard,,wait,,guess thas why they make rippers though,,If I had my rathers, would rather just rip clay, or maybe the whole world just be made outta beach sand, Florida beach sand preferably,,,randyp
  18. No, Trainee just traineed himself out of a job, the training never seemed to stick with him, and anybody knows how to drag a power line down,,heh heh,,he was the worst dumpingest fellow I ever did cringe at when I was watching. got to where i dint want to watch him anymore, so he had to go,,,randyp
  19. Nah, i kept the 80 R. I had it for sale while I was ailing, seems like all that ever called was peoples from Nigeria. Im throwing dirt in it again, it and the 86 are hauling a pond. Both are running fine, the 80 is air conditioned and its working real fine! They are both pulling some grunt holes with dirt falling off both sides, dern, its hard to beat those funny looking upsides down rear end punkins off in the dirt! I will have to get some pics of them laboring. randyp
  20. Last and certainly not least,,the old standby Komatsu 41,,randyp
  21. Heres my contribution. D6D had sat for a while when i was sick. Me an Killer went and gathered him up though and put him back to work
  22. heh heh, its got too hot here for buzzards to fly!
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