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  1. They are both double framed trucks, I was curious about that shaft through the spring hanger. I have not studied it too hard but I did notice the return spring is different between the two. Are they made to pull out of the trans or does the spring hanger have to come off?
  2. The other pigeon brained idea I have is to just swap the cab onto the diesel chassis but I am no expert on frames.
  3. The 20 speed and 673 out of my other truck. I wanted a detroit but there is plenty of trucks out there with one already in it. Besides I already have some money into the 673, would be a shame to throw away another investment.
  4. Started the easy part today, found a few problems to fix when it goes back together. The front of both genders was cob jobbed to the radiator support so I may try the piano hinge idea for the front fenders. If anybody wants a 9 speed duplex or anything off the 401 send me a pm. I don’t plan on keeping them around too long after they are yanked out.
  5. So I have a friend to help me with his knuckle boom truck, I want to believe we can find a way to do it without pulling the cab now. The only thing I am worried about is the clutch linkage, does the spring shakle have to be pulled or does the shaft pull out from the transmission?
  6. Indeed I do, taking the cab off is the only way I can do it as I only have a small new holland at my disposal to do this task. I can't justify cribbing and bottle jacks for this task lol. My b61 was a wash so it became the donor. It all pans out in my head but certainly there will be at least one major issue
  7. Bugger, might as well save some headache and yank everything out then. I figure the only way to do it is pull the cab off and drop the 673 in with the 20 speed. Then have my buddy sandblast everything while it is in pieces.
  8. So I have the 401 running but has a hard knock from the front of the block. I noticed yesterday excessive smoke from the crank vent tube which makes me believe there may be a stuck valve. Is there a backwoods remedy for this such as diesel down the plug hole? I would just start tearing it apart but I have already seen that gaskets may be a hard buy.
  9. Got the lines hooked up today, cranked it over a few times with the aid of a jumper pack and BAM no more power to the key switch... I hate electrical
  10. The state DOT I work for has a buttload of mack granites. All have the mp7 and Allison 6 speeds aside from some of the older models. One thing I noticed is most of them eat a little coolant, nothing too alarming. I am sure someone else will come in with a grocery list of small issues but personally I like them. The state started buying internationals and they leave much to be desired in comparison.
  11. https://youtu.be/3tYQeHlRvaY A short clip of the 401
  12. Installed the new fuel tank just need some fuel line. A little electrical and rubber she will be ready to bounce around upstate ny.
  13. beatngu


    Looking for a running 6v53 to put in my B42. Found one locally for $1800, but I feel I can find a better deal here.
  14. Certainly showing her age now, some call it patina others call it negligence lol
  15. I will run the flathead for the spring so I can enjoy it before it is in pieces in a garage, I am sure someone on here would want a running 401 for their project.
  16. I found a 671 mated to a rt910 for $500 would really go at a snails pace with direct drive. Did they make different gear sets for the rad 508?
  17. Funny how they look like they're built from scraps of other truck brands. Johnny cash must have had a hand in that company
  18. Take her out for a ride! Did you do the repower yourself?
  19. It has an odd ratio I think it is 7.23 the tandems in my donor has 6.34s with 20 inch rubber. I pondered long and hard on the idea of swapping them but thought it might ride funny with smaller rubber in the back and the front axle would be pretty close to the cab
  20. I am thinking the 671 is too long, the 6v53 can fit in some pickups so it may be an easier fit. The idea is just having 1 truck with everything I want rather than buying a separate unit just to have a driptroit
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