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  1. Yes they did. I have a set. Not sure if I'm going to use them or not. They will work but you have to get them modified.
  2. Work is crazy here in east/ SE ohio with this Shale oil boom. Most of my guys are working 6-7 days a week.
  3. Not ready to part with them yet. We decided to keep the v8 in one of them. Also we put new frame rails on the other v8 super liner, stretched it out and put another steerable lift axle, putting on a nice steel bed. It's starting to come together nicely. I'll put a pic up soon.
  4. Can you email Don your serial numbers or is it just best to send it through the mail?
  5. Those are definitely Dale Francis manifolds.
  6. This is the kind I was looking for: I think thats the kind you said to stay away from Superdog lol. We have to borrow a dropdeck to go pulling so I was thinking about doing an option like this. FullFuel's is a nice one though, just not sure I need something that big. Our business is all dump work so I dont see the reason to get a stepdeck or a dropdeck. Not sure what to do.... The company that has the 5th wheel wrecker in the picture I know real well, and to tow their pulling truck around is quick and painless, and not to mention sooooooo much easier to twist around in the tiny fairgrounds where we pull.
  7. I'm looking for a fifth wheel wrecker unit. Tom.brown@ecotoh.net
  8. Agreed! Everyone is so afraid of them.
  9. I agree, never had that trouble. The only thing I have found tricky on the 12 speed is going from 4h to 5L when Im upshifting almost always grinds there. I usually go 4h to 5h and then downshift real quick to 5L. I have two trucks with 12 speeds they both are E9's
  10. Sweet, how does it run now? Is that the Borg Warner one?
  11. We like the performance of our two newest MP8's but we have an 07 MP7 that needs a little something extra...any ideas...
  12. No doubt. He is the best, and it comes at a price.
  13. The spinger clutch may still be the way to go because you guys shift when drag racing. Not sure how how good the slipper would be grabbing gears... I am guessing you guys use the clutch when you shift dragging
  14. phil Antrim can get you hooked up with a Crower clutch. I know they use two types of clutches one is what the big rigs(Killer, Buckeye Bulldog,etc) use I believe it is called a slipper clutch, this clutch wouldnt be practical if you drive it a lot on road, the other type is a springer clutch with is more practical for road use and is much much better built than the modern day Lipe Clutches. We have one of the old style Lipes that is specially modified. It is a very good clutch it has held well we had 9 pulls last season and turn 4,000+ rpms down the track. But once this one goes I am going with a Crower Springer clutch.
  15. A few from my fleet:
  16. That's awesome! Gotta love the Antrim crew.
  17. That is awesome Josh. I have both of those pictures too. The older one is sitting in a frame by my computer besided me. I was talking with JR a few weeks ago and we were talking about the older picture and he told me to check out the girl by the bulldog(on the hood) with the nice rack in the blue shirt lol. Anyone who knows JR would get a laugh at that.
  18. Agreed superdog! Mark Massey from CDS has to be one of the top V-Pump guys in the world. He let me come back and watch as they worked on our Magnum ambac pump.
  19. Dale Francis in Painsville, OH Antrim Diesel Greencastle, Pa Columbus Diesel Supply
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