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  1. Does any body have the steps t adjust valves on a e7 460 mack eng

  2. Setting Valves On An 05 A1 400

    Can anyone tell me if theres anything special I need to know or do before setting the valves on my 05 CV713? Engine is an A1400. 4 valve no jake but I see there is a spring on the end of each exhaust push rod and I am not familiar with this so before I mess something up I wanted to check. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Setting Valves On E7 460 With Jakes

    Thanks for the help valves are set truck runs fine. thanks again
  4. Setting Valves On E7 460 With Jakes

    Ok I looked again and I have no marks on the flywheel. That is why Im unsure where to start?
  5. Im unsure about timing marks for setting the valves on my 99 E7 460. There are no marks on the dampner and the two notched teeth in the flywheel are visible through timing cover however when they show #1 is on exhaust. My question is if I put the engine on #1 TDC can I just mark the dampner then mark it 120 degrees twice from there? Also how do I know if this engine is a dynatard and if it is dont I need to go 30 degrees after TDC to set the valves? The bridges are set at TDC correct? Im also wondering if anyone can tell me why the expansion plug on the front side of the rocker arm shaft on both heads fell out could this be a factor in low oil pressure 14 at idle 50 at W.O.T Any help is greatly appreciated. Cant afford Mack dealer these days Thanks, Brad
  6. Rd Cab Replacement

    Thanks Rob this will aid in my search. Thanks again
  7. I am going to replace the cab on our 1993 RD690. Can anyone tell me if I am limited to that cab or would a different style or year cab fit without major modifications? Thanks, Brad
  8. Whats Your Favorite Type Of Track Loader

    We have a 1995 Cat 963 redone undercarriage by Cat 1000 hrs ago. Rebuilt trans last year. We were thinking about possibly getting rid of it (no Work) dont know if anybody would be interested or not?
  9. Granddaughter Died This Morning

    You and your family are in our prayers brother.
  10. I couldnt agree with you more!
  11. Amen my friend. Its more than just the truck and the name its what it represents!!!!!!!!!
  12. I agree fully with your last statement. A truck is a tool and in the vocational industry here in the midwest people are looking for "real Macks". As Volvo picks Mack apart sales will continue to drop marketshare will decrease and therefore it does matter and should matter to the execs whos salaries will be affected. As far as safety goes I really must disagree I have seen four in the past year that have been in serious collisions drivers were hurt trucks were totalled! Two 01 CHs also in severe collisions trucks were badly damaged and drivers were shook up. Both Macks were repaired by us at the shop and put back in service,Volvos were taken by insurance company and scrapped. Volvos were 06. So my point is even a half a Mack (eaton trans and rear ends) is a better product than a full Volvo. This is what the execs should be paying attention to. People in general especially corporate America should look more at the forest and less at the trees! Companies are not just numbers theyre PEOPLE and that matters in my book. It also translates into a far superior product. Salaries and blueprints dont build companies people do!!!! Companies like Mack Truck are not just bussinesses they are part of a dying breed of American institutions! This is what I feel it boils down to the people who are affected by the slow destruction of this all American Company!
  13. E7 Injectors

    We used the overlap method just as you told us to do. THANK YOU! None of us knew about the cam deprssion and thats where things went wrong for us. We set em and then checked em found the 70 thou and set the exhaust again. Hence no compression. ( Dumbasses! ). lol Thank you again for your help and especially the explanation of the cam cause even though we got it running we had no idea why this was happening wich drove us all nuts. Now we will be able to sleep tonight. Thank you again
  14. It really shows in the product with Volvo that there is no pride or passion on the part of the employees. That is unfortunate however I have found that it is all to common with anything these days. Maybe you should let the executives read this thread and then they will have a good idea about how people feel on this. Mack trucks in my opinion is a company that is steeped in tradition and pride, while I agree the new Macks are not the same as yesterdays they are still a damn good work truck. Macks are built to go to work not just look like theyre going to work. Volvo needs to realize Mack customers are for the most part very brand loyal. The selling of HQ and the obvious people such as yourself that will lose thier jobs will obviously change the truck hence changing the way alot of customers run thier business. This is not unoticed by Mack customers in the midwest around here people are planning on and purchasing used Macks with future needs in mind. Alot of parts vendors are also picking up the PAI line of aftermarket Mack parts. What Volvo did and the people they will leave behind ia a slap in the face to all Mack customers!!!!!!!
  15. I second that!!!!! Im not just sayin that because of my feelings about Mack. One of my customers who is a large carrier based out of new jersey and has one terminal here in Chicago has old CHs with over 800,000 on em and 17 '06 Volvos. The Volvo trucks are always! broke always! The trucks are an absolute NIGHTMARE!!!!! for us and the terminal. It really is a shame how those trucks are not only engineered but put together. Coax wiring, control modules, etc: Garbage. Meanwhile other than brakes and maintenance the ol Macks keep goin. Even the drivers hate em. They say the truck is comfortable but they cant stand how the trucks are always broke or at the dealer for a month cause even the Volvo dealer cant fix em. Have another customer with three '05 Volvo road trucks all under 400,000 he just traded all three in and bought one new Mack. Yes Mack is the most expensive truck out there comparitively, however people should remember "THE BITTERNESS OF POOR QUALITY LONG OUTLASTS THE JOY OF A LOW BID" ( read that on a post somewhere in this site the other day and think it just sums things up quite well ) Please forgive my rant but I just couldnt help myself, just cant believe our brand is being ruined by these m******s at Volvo.