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  1. Back in May I went on a truck hunt throughout NYC and New England. Cardi Corp was on top of the list. They didn't disappoint. Amazing the amount of Macks they still run, and less than half a dozen new ones in the fleet.
  2. Great show, I was there in the morning for a bit then when truck hunting around Sparks and Mustang. Good to see some Mack's out here! even though I miss the east coast Mack's I grew up with.
  3. Make it a show truck and keep a good Walter alive!!!!
  4. thank you sir!! I do remember that Superliner hauling equipment yo our job! Awesome!
  5. Anybody have any more pics of B. Anthony's trucks?? I did a big job with them over 15 years ago and remember some awesome trucks. Trouble is, I never took any pics!!
  6. Thankfully my family that lives in the Mohawk Valley didn't get hit too bad, but I am sending my 92 year old grandmother a boat!
  7. I blew up the pic and the sign says No HORNS Please. That might be the only Quadrozzi truck left as they sold off most if not all of their 690s mixers.
  8. I hope the plant is close by for that job!! Or no inspectors on the job.
  9. Always take pics!!! New Macks will one day be the old Macks. Utica Mack always seem to have good stuff in the lot when I stop by.
  10. Feel free to post other Granite snow plows here if you'd like.
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