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  1. they were in pretty bad shape but guessing 80s?
  2. Forgot to mention there was also 2 penthouse magazines under the jump seat.
  3. Trailered her home, not running yet, attending to some details. hopefully going to attempt to fire up in next couple weeks. this was a unplanned new project, could not pass her up!
  4. All the tires were sunk down that far. Looks as if new tires were installed before storage, and not one sign of cracks or weather check. Yes dirt floor barn find. sitting for 25-30 years. no rust/corrosion , frame clean, has always been a northern mn truck. Owner was a flatbedder and made many runs to Alaska. complete with 8 track tapes. picture is of her coming out of storage.
  5. thanks for complement! yes it is pretty straight. appears to have not been used in winter!? 3 coats of paint, and one miner crack behind passenger door. Its a keeper not for sale.


    1. terry


      Don't blame you in the least!

  6. oil looks thick and heavy but no signs of coolant or other contaminants. good to know multi weight OK have always used rotella with great results. 


  7. Have already received contributions by members and look forward to being a member.
  8. Thanks for adding me to the community!! 

  9. thanks for all the suggestions!! appreciate it! I think Iam going down the correct path.
  10. just acquired a 1961 G-75 LT with ENDT 673 engine, and triplex trans. what kind/weight of oil should I use? thanks for your advice!! thinking of rotating engine with starter with fuel shut off, for a few times and hope to see oil pressure, over a week or so. then changing oil and fuel filters and hopefully starting the girl. any other suggestions? existing fuel in tanks looks clear and clean.
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