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  1. PS , I'm in Florence, Burlington County
  2. the guy in CT is don holden, where in nj are you? do you belong to a fire apparatus association ? I have a meeting on Dec.2 Sunday on the assoc.that I belong to Cradle of Liberty (check out our website) you are welcome to attend it starts at noon this one being held a our museum near Swedesboro, N.J. (exit 14 on rt 295) members might have leads on a C model
  3. their is a fellow in Ct. that has a large collection of the C models ,pumpers ,rescues & aerialscopes
  4. I also like the C model Mack as I have a LS85 L model 1954 open cab, but like you have said it's condition ,prices can start from about $3500 up to 6or 7 grand on condition someone has one in Florida for 12 . the east coast is where you will find the most that might be for sale ,that was Mack Country. as far as the diesel switch that would be fairly easy and I would use the Mack 237 . Good Luck
  5. nice looking C model ,my favorate
  6. sounds like a wiring issue ,might be best to rewire all,my Mack was like a rats nest with wiring added through the years, check all the steel brake lines too ,I had a steel line that rotted away. good luck and post photos
  7. Yelp ,farmers just park their old trucks out in the fields when they are done with em
  8. Nice looking R model ,is it private owned now? I always liked the clean look of a R pumper
  9. Good luck with his project ,it will be a cute truck, photo updates too
  10. Joe Bertino in Vineland is the electrical gruo
  11. Well it did 'Rain on Our Parade' ,but it did clear up and the sun shined for the rust of the day ,their was close to 150 pieces of apparatus and many vendor.
  12. the national convention & muster starts Aug 1 ,2,3, Saturday Aug 4 is the muster at cooper river cherry hill /Pennsauken n.j. all being hostered by the Cradle of Liberty Antique Fire Apparatus Assoc.
  13. some owners replace the whole unit with an aftermarket ,thinking about doing it on my LS85 fire truck, a friend is going to do his ,will see how that goes. but the problem with the orginal is it does not filter much
  14. Same thoughts as F.W.D. ,most of the Macks have low mileage (that where in small depts. ) engines never got broke in. Pa & N.J . I would say had the most. I know of one fellow that may help you ,Don Holden in Ct. he has a collection of 'C' and CF 's , I'll try to find his email
  15. Anyone going to the Spring Melt in Allentown,PA. next weekend ? always a good roadtrip.
  16. up date ,the guy found a new tank made of Aluminum 20 gal that will fit in the space under diamond plate (1950 Mack fire truck)
  17. a friend just bought a gas Mack that hasn't run in at least 10 yrs.or more, rusted well inside any suggestions before putting in gas?
  18. a lot of apparatus used a Cole-Hearst selector switch. A B Both & off position ,that's what I have on my L
  19. Looks great, the Spring Melt is in April (flea market for fire apparatus) .the SPAAMFAA national Muster is in Cherry Hill N.J. the first week in August ,will be a great show, with lots of things to do.
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