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  1. 7 minutes ago, theakerstwo said:

    If you have never drilled broken bolts out than dont start  on this.This can be done but dont use one of the cheap easy outs.For the price of a block it would be good for you to get some one who has done this.

    Ohhhh yes your right it's in a shop ..we've been discussing our options cause I need it done right..we've used time sert on cylinder head on race cars so I was thinking it should be able to keep this in place...

  2. 49 minutes ago, terry said:

    Weld a nut on it and back out.    terry

    Sorry guys the picture is a little deceiving it's broken off about 1inch in the hole treads are gone looks like someone tried to get it out before and this is what left of there mess ..my new mess ..

  3. Thanks guys any other stuff to look out for on this ..I'm new to mack have had a few others still have a fld freightliner 




    OK guys I need some help here ..however worked on this injector before made a mess ..how to fix it now..I'm thinking time sert..I'm open to all suggestions..I have 1 more thought but it's extreme lol..


  4. Pick my dump truck up yesterday drove about 50 miles bolt broke out in last injector it popped out..you guys think it's possible to drill out and time sert it in the truck with no problems. Maybe remove the turbo and exhaust down piping..

    I see its a lot of pressure on those injectors I tried to push it back in no luck about a 1/4 wouldn't go ...

  5. Thank you..I'm new to mack hopefully my truck will be here by next weekend..I drive the truck runs great ride great so there will be way more questions to come lol..I have a freightliner now had a sterlin and a gmc all dump trucks..

  6. Thanks guys ..I think I made my mind up on a 2000 e7 400hp mack with 8ll ..I was really hoping to get a automatic but I'll take reliable over maybe anyday..I'll be sure to post up a picture when and if things work out





    Well I decided to try the 2000 e7 mack out hope to have it home soon ..we supposed to get snow tomorrow and Saturday so I know it will be a little while..


  7. Have guys I'm mike new here ..been trucking almost 11yrs now freightliner  sterlin gmc dump trucks and now looking to buy another..I've owned cummin and Detroit  never had the will to buy a cat..so now I'm looking at a mack I have friends who own macks but are the e7 macks ..I'm looking at a ai300a engine 300hp in a dump truck..could anyone give any information about this engine ..good bad anything would help ..I have a few more macks I'm looking at but this is the newest 1 2004 and a automatic..thank you for your help 

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