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  1. Took me a minute to get the jist of your comment! (I'm old) I personally refuse to own a smart phone I have no need for 300 "friends" I've never met! I realize they are fascinating I also realize that the many members who are contractors have to have one (their customers expect it) but every time some idiot walks into me while talking on one or I'm in a doctor's office and every person waiting is staring at one like a zombie I long for the days when I ran several small businesses with a double entry ledger and a #2 pencil! They've already put the local bookstore out of business,libraries will be next. Ok my rant is over!

    1. Ezrider


      it took me a second as well, it was part of why i found it funny. i resisted the smart phone thing for a very long time, i have one now but my use/ability to use it. is fairly limited. if i didn't have some customers that want to communicate by text message i probably would still have a flip phone. my other half still does not have a smart phone. 

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