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  1. Rowdy,,I got the Avalanche mixed up with the Aztek! You're right the Aztek is arguably the ugliest vehicle built...Ever! Also as you said,today's youngsters aren't all hopeless! I was heading for the waffle house in McDonough Ga when I realized I turned the wrong way on the ramp! So I made a u turn on the two lane and got stuck in the wet grass on the shoulder, with a 53 ft dry van! Blocked the whole road! I had visions of a 200.00 tow job when a kid about 19 and his girlfriend pull up in a brand new Dodge 1500 4wd he pulls up in front of me and throws a chain on the ground! I said "you're liable to burn up your tranny guy" " nah she'll do it"!  He says ...and it did! We both got to the Waffle House and he wouldn't even let me buy them dinner! But who else but a certifiable red neck engineer carries a 20 ft log chain in their brand new pickup?😁


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