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  1. As usual Teamster Grrrl,your points are well taken! While I agree in principle with many of Trumps "promises" most are half campaign rhetoric and the other half monetarily and politically impractical! While I would prefer a utopian world where all immigrants entered America like KSBs wife and many others in a legal manner,we are stuck with many who have been here for years that didn't.we don't have space in our overcrowded jails,or the money to deport the others! So give the ones who have no felonies a pass and have them report to processing centers and get an I'd card that will make them legal to work till they become citizens.Have them report annually until they become citizens with instant deportation the penalty for not reporting on time! Find the money and personnel to deport the criminals! Having said this establish a date for these procedures and deport anyone still here who doesn't comply! I suspect that most of those who are here illegally would be happy to begin life "out of the shadows" and work towards citizenship! After the established date Double the personnel and efforts to deport any new illegals and make all new prospective citizens go thru the previous procedure to become citizens!Yeah, I know it isn't fair, but neither is life! Also find a way to make Mexico help police our borders maybe a head fine on illegals! Or a tax on Mexican companies profits on the products they export here! Bet the companies wouldn't be as easy as we are on their " fellow citizens" if it affected their profits!

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