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    I like tricked out semi's and dump trucks. cigarette boats and 4 wheel drive trucks. i also like john deere tractors and classic cars and street rods.

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    1986 Peterbilt 359, 425 B with an 8LL

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  1. Name: Mack RD688S (1995) Date Added: 28 February 2010 - 05:07 PM Owner: v8superdog Short Description: 1995 Mack 6 axle dump. aluminum J&J 20' box with a mechanical 350 with a few extra go fast goodies. Will blow the doors off a MP7 405, pass a 430hp C12 and keep up with a 460 N14. not too bad of a runner. View Vehicle
  2. i am gettin ready to buy a 1971 R700 with the twin turbo 864 V8 and I asked my dad who is an ASE master technition and has been working on nothing but Macks since 1970 about that motor and he said it was a head gasket blowin' son of a gun. He said it was because the head were not fire-ringed is the reason it blew the head gaskets so easy. I am gonna have the machine shop fire ring the heads on mine and i will probly put main girdles in it as well. hope this helps good luck
  3. hey travis, i got started on Macks when i was 8 years old. my dad owned a trucking company and i helped him work on them. welcome to Big Mack Trucks. glad to have ya on board. i am still a kid at heart even tho i am 22. If ya have any questions drop me a line. Good to see young blood in the old dog tradition. --Nick
  4. yes i have the same problem right now in my 93 CH, its the connector on the back of the whole gauge cluster panel where the wiring harness plugs in. i had fixed it to make it work cuz its rather expensive but it quit working again. hope this helps. later on
  5. i am all about long and low, oldschool, lightweight but heavy hauling dumptrucks, so i would have to see it as a daycab, with short stacks and then i could give my oppinion, but i think i would look decent. definatly different thats for damn sure.
  6. thats pretty wild you takin it down to bare frame, but if your gonna do it and you have the money you might as well do it right. glad to see your takin the time but sum bark and bite back into that bulldog
  7. i am not familiar with the Whites, but that sure is a beautiful truck. i really like that a lot, you did a fine job on the resto! I like any truck that defies aerodynamics (superliner, w900, 359/379 etc.)
  8. welcome aboard Aaron, its good to see somebody else my age on here.
  9. i would stay with that V pump if your wantin to get easy horsepower, hell put 2 or 3 rounds of fuel on it and run the governer up to 24 or 2500. i know this sounds crazy but my buddy that has 17 E-9 V8's does this kind of stuff all the time. u have to take the intake off to do this stuff tho. he uses one as his transporter for his pullin trucks and he put 3 rounds of fuel on it and ran the governer to 2500 and it runs like a striped ape. he said its puttin down around 750hp, he couldnt remember the torque from the dyno, but it smokes alot on the shifts and it get between 4.1-5.6 mpg depending on how he drives it. its been that way for about 6 years and has had no problems. good luck
  10. does the motor have the V pump on it or the inline fuel pump on it?
  11. the r model and a number of other models do that too, its to provide more room for working on the motor, says mack, kinda makes the truck unique. and your right fjh, the RD is one TOUGH model.
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