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  1. bulldog I have been watching you pull for years at the buck and seen u at Gerharts show.You truck is very impressive!!When you guys pull and the regular street class you don't lock the differential do you? just curious
  2. sold the truck and the trailer went last weekend at an auction 1700$
  3. lol looks like a bad ass e9.
  4. how do you ID an E9 versus the other two V8s??Looked at an R model that had a longer hood then normal .an had a v8 but looks like a more modern engine then the the v8s that i have seen in r models before.Valve covers are square rather then rounded. I thought there were three types of v8s mack made but wasnt sure if this truck might of had an engine swap at sum point.Started it up and sounds stout!!
  5. Have more pics if anyone is interested i can email to them
  6. i hav a 1984 centervile 20 ton tag along for sale just upgraded to a newer eager beaver.has four new 8.50 15 tires on it good brakes all the lights work.its 17 flat and 4 foot beaver tail.needs a few deck boards $4500 obo its in southern maryland delivery available .
  7. 1967 Lacrosse trailer for sale tires in good shape but old so could use tires 7.50-15 size .It is air brakes im sure it needs brakes. was rewired .it has srping asist ramps on the back.trailer was for a single axle.i had the neck stretched.it should fit a tandum depending on the truck.(i stretched it to allow clearence for the light bars i had on my truck)It was stretched by a guy who welds pipelines every day its stout.I am askn $1800obo 301 904 5089 trailer is in southern maryland
  8. Yes i am in southern Maryland i should have some more pics in a couple days I love the truck but i want to be able to have something to pull the sled with and a tandum would suit me better
  9. I want to sell my 57 B61 single axle road tractor has been restored and is garage kept .It has a 673 motor and duplex trans runs excellant the motor is in good shape new batterys and rebuilt starter and genator totaly rewired (very neatly)Leds on the back has been converted to 11 22.5s rims and excelant tires Train horns have one a trophy with it at a local car show it is a very nice truck look at my gallery pics Newest pics are below i used it to haul the excavator about a half mile down the road .I am asking $12000obo or trade for decent R model or superliner The trailer is available also for $3000it is a 67 lacross 15 ton
  10. Nice lookn truck reasonable price too
  11. Im in southern Maryland Thanks for input
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