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  1. Yarnall, there is a cracker box at a buddies house up in northern Minnesota by me. I'm sure he would sell it. It's got a v6 jimmy and I believe it had a ten speed road ranger behind it
  2. St. Louis county is just as bad. Which includes duluth of course. That's where I am at. The people up here all act like they are conservative and then every election they go and check off candidates like Nolan and Dayton
  3. Liberals is right. And in Minnesota. The state where nothing is allowed. . . . Except for bullsh&@ like this.
  4. My 84 is a 788. It's got an e6 350. Also got the exact same interior. In about as good of shape
  5. Kirscher transport out of Virginia MN. Anybody ever heard of them. My dad drove for them part time In the summer for number of years. I worked in their shop in high school. Lots of R's, RS's and superliners back in the day.
  6. Here was my daily work horse for five years. 86 613. 4V 350. 12 speed. 5.02 rears and neway. Pulled a dry bulk tanker
  7. Here's my first one. 84 RW788. 2V E6 350. T2090. Neway. 5.02 rears. Used it on a belly dump and hauling pulpwood.
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