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  1. I have purchased a rolling chassis Flindstone model Mack. The diff ratio is stamped 7.00 on the id plate. Are these Diffs worth much?? also the brake boosters look more like canisters as opposed to the normal 30/30 style brake booster, con anyone help identify these for me? thanks.
  2. Mate that Superliner looks unreal.Great work. Has it turned out the same as the picture in your head from when you started?
  3. G'day mate,i've been loking everywhere for a picture a front engine mount for a cat into a mack.I'm building a R700 with a 3406b cat motor.I couldn't find anything,then bingo,there are your pictures. Could I please ask what the diameter of the engine mount holes are? Can I also ask the distance off the mounting face to the centre of the engine holes? Anything else you think might help I'm going to have to make one, this will help heaps Thanks heaps
  4. Thank guys. I didn't know that the US Superliners didn't use an remodel chassis I've got some Mack/roadranger mounts. This should locate the box in the correct position,making the motor when it should be.....hopefully. It wil have a western r700 bonnet on the big banger Thanks again
  5. Thanks Timmyb,Hopefully someone in the US has one laying on a workbench waiting for me.
  6. Thanks guys, yeah I'm building an R700 with a dog house on the back. At the moment, it is a bare rolling frame. It is going to be a big job, but it will be worth it. It is the mounting of the front engine mount on the cat motor that is of most concern. I'm prob just going to use the ford mounts as much as possibe.The chassis width is the same after the splay.The Ford made a half moon rubber mount. It's just the front one that's annoying me at the moment. I also have scored a fiberglass R model cab for another project. This cab is pretty exciting. The dash lay out is different to any other R model of any type I've seen. The fiberglass cab are a rigid mount, no wrap-around dash, just a panel in the middle on a 45 degree angle.
  7. Gday, can anyone give some advice on fitting a cat 3406b air to air intercooled with a 13 speed roadranger into my rolling r model chassis. It's out of an LTL9000 (dirty rotten Ford).
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