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  1. You say various boost codes? Different fmi's? What are the code numbers?

    Possibly not actually a mechanical issue but maybe electrical. High resistance in the circuit for example.

    Might pull the connectors off of the ecu and check for oil wicking. I've seen that cause some really strange things.

  2. 30 minutes ago, fjh said:

    It sure sounds like cups or bad injector 

    cumbustion in the fuel gallery.

    Yup, sounds like the classic cup problem. There is a fuel regulator fitting in the head, the mp7 one is on top of the head, front drivers side. Not sure about the mp8 location, but I doubt that will be your problem.

  3. Not to get off track but I put a basic in last year, fired it up, thump thump instantly. One of the cam rollers had a flat spot. That's when I learned Mack doesn't replace all of the lifters, they just inspect and reuse. No telling what your gonna get anymore I guess.

    Dakota, I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your dealer, but there are plenty that will do everything they can to pin it on you somehow. I'm with fjh, maybe let them take a look. 

  4. I had one years ago that had a similar problem, it was the Jake, even turned off. We pulled the Jake housings off and ran it, problem disappeared.

    In order to do that you would need shorter bolts obviously for the rockers. If it were me, that's the route I would take just to eliminate a Jake problem first.

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