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  1. 2021 Ford Bronco Won't Ever Come with a V-8 Connor Hoffman, Car & Driver / September 14, 2020 Bronco chief engineer Eric Loeffler says Ford will never offer a V-8 in the new Bronco. Loeffler claims that even if Ford wanted to put, for example, the 5.0-liter V-8 in the Bronco, emissions regulations wouldn't allow it. He says that Ford is also confident the Bronco's existing engine options will satisfy customers' needs. Currently, the Bronco can be had with either a turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-four that's projected to produce 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque or
  2. Nikola's truck was not powering through the Utah countryside, propelled by its next-generation electric vehicle technology. In fact, the unpowered truck was pushed down a hill. . .
  3. Nikola/Hindenberg: gravitational spin Jamie Powell, Financial Times / September 16, 2020 In a year of remarkable market stories, one of the most remarkable emerged last Thursday when short selling research firm Hindenberg took aim at $13bn electric vehicle bubble stock, and recent GM partner, Nikola. Nikola’s shares plummeted, prompting the company’s paper-billionaire founder and private jet enthusiast Trevor Milton to promise a full rebuttal of Hindenberg’s allegations before market open Friday. It never came. Instead we got a short statement from Nikola that it refu
  4. 100% yes. Some people live off these dividends. ET is a high quality company.
  5. Nikola’s History of Discrepancies Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight Edward Ludlow, Bloomberg / September 12, 2020 Nikola Corp. has left a trail of inconsistent statements and contradictory announcements that are now coming under scrutiny from short sellers eager to poke holes in the electric-vehicle company’s success story. Hindenburg Research, which holds a short position in Nikola stock and stands to gain if the shares fall, released a report Thursday detailing what it called “dozens of lies” about the company’s capabilities, partnerships or products. The firm used internal ema
  6. $43 to $47. Then, invest that money in Energy Transfer (symbol ET) while it’s presently under $6.00, particularly for the 20% yield dividend.
  7. The trouble behind Traton’s offer to buy Carl Icahn-backed Navistar New York Post / September 11, 2020 Even as Volkswagen subsidiary Traton revs up its efforts to buy a trucking company linked to billionaire Carl Icahn, sources warn that its merger plans could still easily veer off course. In a press release Thursday, Traton said it increased its offer to buy Navistar — the company behind the International brand of trucks and diesel engines — to $43 a share. Shares of Navistar jumped 16 percent to $41.59 on the news, up from a previous close of $35.84 a share, before closin
  8. Bloomberg / September 11, 2020 Nikola Corp. shares dropped as much as 18% after the company issued a blanket denial of allegations made in a short-seller report without offering any specifics to refute allegations it lied about its technology and staged events. The electric-truck startup said allegations made by Hindenburg Research are false but did not provide evidence to refute specific claims in the report. Chairman and founder Trevor Milton had vowed earlier Friday to issue a detailed rebuttal after “working through the night.” Nikola instead hired law firm Kirkland &
  9. Effer* is an Italian brand. Good product. But why is it that the US doesn't have any good producers? All the good booms are from Europe. Coming out of WW2, the US was the benchmark for technology across the board, the envy of the world. Now the US is largely a follower that continues to be taken over by foreign aggressors.......and few take take note or care. * https://www.effer.com/en/
  10. Bob, I expect it to reach the $43 to $47 range.
  11. Traton Ups Navistar Offer Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) / September 10, 2020 Traton on September 10th upped the ante in its offer to buy all outstanding shares of common stock of Navistar International Corp. The new offering price of $43 per share in cash is a 23% increase from the $35 per Navistar share that Traton offered at the end of January, according to an announcement from the company. Traton, formerly VW Truck and Bus, currently holds 16.8% of Navistar’s outstanding common shares. “We continue to believe in the compelling strategic benefits that a complete merger of Tra
  12. Electric Truck Will be First Off the Line at New Navistar Texas Plant Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) / September 10, 2020 Navistar said an electric truck will be the first vehicle off the line at its new San Antonio, Texas, production facility when it opens in the spring of 2022. The news came as part of the company’s third-quarter earnings release, where it also noted that its NEXT eMobility Solutions business unit recently signed a master services agreement with In-Charge Energy to provide charging infrastructure and consulting services to electric vehicle customers. While Navi
  13. Short seller Hindenburg alleges that electric truck maker Nikola is an 'intricate fraud' in new report MarketWatch / September 10, 2020 Short seller Hindenburg Research published a report on electric truck maker Nikola Inc. on Thursday, accusing it of being an "intricate fraud" built on lies told by its Founder and Executive Chairman Trevor Milton over many years. Nikola shares fell 9% on the news. "We have gathered extensive evidence-including recorded phone calls, text messages, private emails and behind-the-scenes photographs-detailing dozens of false statements by Nikola
  14. No mirage Bob. Ford Trucks uses separate, purpose-focused websites.........and that's my preference. Cars (light vehicles) and heavy trucks are two entirely different animals (apples and oranges). Note the website address says "Ford Trucks", not Ford-Otosan or Otosan. Here, for example, is the Ford Trucks website for Spain................https://www.fordtrucks.es/ F-MAX https://www.fordtrucks.es/tractora/f-max 4142 https://www.fordtrucks.es/camion-de-carretera/4142
  15. International Trucks Press Release / September 9, 2020 Built to be tough, this HV Series will take whatever garbage you throw at it! .
  16. Related reading - https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/54348-ford-trucks-introduces-truck-of-the-future/?tab=comments#comment-406320
  17. Ford Trucks International Press Release / September 10, 2020 With F-Vision, the most concrete indicator of our vision for the future, we are opening the doors of a zero-emission future. Happy World Electric Vehicle Day! #FordTrucks #SharingTheLoad #WorldEVDay
  18. Understood. I've no idea who Volvo sources them from now.
  19. What brand centrifugal filter cartridge did you use at the oil change ?
  20. Carl Icahn’s feud with former protégé threatens Navistar sale Josh Kosman, New York Post / September 7, 2020 Carl Icahn has been squabbling with a former protégé in negotiations to sell a truck-making giant — and investors fret that the tiff could land the deal in a ditch. The 84-year-old billionaire is squaring off against Mark Rachesky — a hard-charging financier who worked for him for six years in the 1990s — over the asking price for Navistar, which makes the International line of big rigs, as well as buses and military vehicles, sources told The Post. Traton, a V
  21. To be clear, GM's Ultium batteries are designed and produced by South Korea's superb LG Chem in a JV.
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