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  1. Here is a link to the company website -- http://www.hallamore.com/
  2. Used on the 865/866 V8s. If you have one, please contact me at titan.truck@yahoo.com Thanks.
  3. I believe this is another former Durkin DM800 which was later converted into a wrecker by Highpoint Towing in NJ.
  4. I am a repeat customer and highly recommend him. Excellent customer service, very reasonable rates and very professional.
  5. This truck has a 325hp V8, 6 speed and 65k rears.
  6. I think a little chrome can be a nice accent but I agree with you -- too much chrome actually takes away from the truck. I posted a couple of pictures I took when the truck got out of the paint shop so you can see the way it looked when I had it.
  7. I tried to restore the truck back to the way it looked when new. The truck came with a chrome bumper from the factory so I put a new one on. The yellow "Hog Dawg" and "The Ox" were added by the current owner.
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