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  1. Everyone Welcome they are asking everyone to please register click this link below for Trucktober Fest October 26th 2013 Trucktober Fest October 26th 2013
  2. New England Style Custom Made From Steel diamond plate Walk-in Floor 50 gallon Wet line tank With Tool Box For Sale $650 Wet Line Tank w Tool Box New England Style Custom Made Steel Diamond Plate Walk-in Floor Wet Line Tank w Heavy Duty Tool Box Wet Line Tank is 50 Gallons 28 inches deep 22 inches long 24 inches tall weighs 200 lbs The Steel Diamond Plate Tool Box is 26 inches deep 22 inches long 24 inches tall weighs 180 lbs Super Great Buy !! To Have This Done Would Easily Be Over $1500 Dollars For This Type of Craftsmanship If You Want Quality Make Equipment for Your Rig This is it Must Have Don't Wait BUY IT NOW ... $650 Located in French Town NJ 08825 Your Questions and Comments Welcome Contact Mickey Voice mail or Text: 908-723-1073 Email: oldtruckfarm@yahoo.com Please Leave a Detailed Email or Voice mail other tanks also available
  3. PDF printable forms click the link below Join the American Truck Historic Society also they need us.. http://mackmacktruck.com/america-antique-truck-historical-society.html
  4. We're putting together a series of articles on the A Model Macks, as well as other classics. The problem is that we haven't got many photos, so we're reaching out to y'all for help (we don't like using people's photos without proper attribution and permission). So if you've got photos, send 'em on. Whether she's a rust bucket in mid-restoration or could've just rolled off the lines yesterday, we'd love to feature your photos. Credit would be given, and links to your site(s) as well. Any questions, let me know.
  5. No Macks until the last ten minutes! THey had a guy (a lot of you may know him), had a giant building FULL of old macks...went right down the history of all the models...skipped right over the B models!!!!! Rob will be happy he spent some time and showed some R models... Gary does not like B-model's for some reason check out this web site I did I was there this summer it is really amazing he has 6 full time guy's working on his trucks all day long.. http://mackmacktruck.com/gary-mahan-truck-collection.html You will enjoy this site.. mackmacktruck Do you mean Gary Mahan? I met Gary through a good friend of mine Mickey Delia here in NJ you can reach him here: http://mackmacktruck.com/mack-restoration-by-mickey.html he is one of the nicest guys you will ever talk to We are in Highlands, TX, where about did you live?My dad has a fully restored 53 LT he has been wanting to sell. I happened to see the Modern Marvels episode this weekend and wanted to get in contact with Gary Mahan to see if he, or someone he knows would be interested in my dads truck. Here is a link to our website with information on the LT. http://hillequipco.com/53MACK.html I could help you sell the truck this is what I do.. http://mackforsale.com mackmacktruck
  6. Father God we come before you and ask that you come and touch that Family give them comfort and peace knowing you are you are with them. If it be your wil heal Ben Father God restore his health all these things we ask in Jesus name Amen..
  7. I like your pictures much better. You must have been there on Saturday. Friday was a real over cast day.are you ok with me using some of your pictures? Thanks Jay
  8. Wow what an incredible display of great Mack Trucks from early AC's to The all new Pinnacle Tremendous amount of information on the history of Mack and Mack Engines Also the display of everyones Trucks that entered Here is just a few of the trucks Many many more here http://mackmacktruck...um-history.html
  9. I don't care who you are or what you say. If he remains we will lose everything and be eating out of the gutter.. Everything we Americans stand for is slipping away WAKE UP !!! Come on people..He can't even answer simple American History questions WHY? When all else fails hop in your "DOG" and drive away..
  10. “A lot of guys just don't have the time. I have the time, and I get it done right the first time.” Most important? “Know what you have. I've had customers think they've got, say, a B-61, we talk, I'm getting things ready, and it turns out not to be that truck. If I know what it is, I can get the spec sheets and get things moving. The other thing is, know your time frame and be honest about it. If I can't do it in the time you need it, I'm going to say so. Just as important, know your budget. If you've never done restoration, it's hard to put a number on it. I can get you in the ballpark, but you have to know how far you're willing to go. But people don't realize that some of this stuff is very time-intensive. I've put hundreds of hours just into fenders. It's a lot of work if you do it right. The challenge sometimes is finding the right parts. That's the biggest advantage to using me versus doing it yourself. I've done this for years, and I know where to find the stuff. The younger guys don't think to seek out those older guys, 'cause there's not a five or six million dollar complex and a bunch of advertising behind it. I have the client buy the parts directly. I don't buy the parts, I get by on labor. But you have to talk this stuff out first. I don't like surprises, and I don't want to surprise people. If you're going to order stuff, let me know so I can make sure you're ordering the right stuff. http://mackmacktruck...-by-mickey.html
  11. This is the support topic for the BMT Wiki Article: Mack Truck Restoration by Mickey. Please post here if you have any questions or feedback. You may also comment on the article at the link below.Click here to view the article: Mack Truck Restoration by Mickey
  12. price and full details clicj here: http://www.ironmartonline.com/r-model-tandem-mack-dump-truck/
  13. price and full details here : http://www.ironmartonline.com/1986mackrd686sxtandemaxledumpNJ/
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