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  1. The elec. malfunction light in my RD has been coming on every day also, but the truck runs fine. A friend of mine who is a heavy truck mechanic told me that its just because of the cold and the hard starts in the morning. It does go off after about two hours of driving. sorry not much help.
  2. we always cut a thin slice of fresh cedar and leave it in the cab of our equipment, mice hate the smell.
  3. Thanks guys I'll look into that stuff and I'll post pics one I get the truck cleaned up
  4. I recently purchased a 1994 RD flexible flyer tandem dump and i am looking for some parts to spruce it up like chrome air cleaner straps new bumper steel or chrome, chrome hood latches, battery box cover, 5" chrome stack, and a chrome grille but i am having a hard time finding these things, is it best to just go to mack for these parts, Im trying to not spend to much money being the truck isnt a show piece,
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