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  2. There was an old kw or pete at Harford truck show with I think the same style engine?
  3. While Ford holds out for $30-40k prices for Rangers, the plant that builds them is running at no where near capacity. Given that that plant has a bunch of fixed costs whether it builds 50,000 or 200,000 Rangers a year, Ford should quit trying to tell the customer what they want and offer more options and trim levels to build volume.
  4. Yeah we will never get it here, to many dudes with a small penis that need a big hooood to make for what's lacking downstairs.
  5. Stop taking fat girls for rides.
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  7. Jim, Part of the Gargolinski Construction fleet that operated here in Worcester County. That truck was in care of grandson Matt when I took those shots in 2010. There was a ton of other stuff then too, twin engine Euc scraper, Letourneau scrapers, shovels, dozers etc. According to Matt, the truck may have a future as Matt has been working with Jandris Mason Supply who also has some beauties that have been restored. Hopefully between the two of them we have not seen the last of this old dog. Matt by the way is in the heavy truck business-frame replacement his specialty. More 2010 shots -all went under the torch
  8. Mine is a puck design(I thought it wasn't). Can get a touch of chatter if you try to ride it out on a steep hill. Overall a nice clutch. My 237 came with a single disc bellhousing(fire truck engine), so it was a no brainer to reuse my original clutch after upgrading it.
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  10. During its 2019 in.sight user conference + expo, in Houston, Texas, Trimble announced a host of new modules and enhancements for its TMW.Suite, TruckMate and IES Transportation Management System solutions, designed to create efficiencies and streamline operations for carriers, brokers and 3PLs. View the full article
  11. A prototype right-hand drive F-MAX has been spotted in Kent, UK. Ford Trucks is on a roll.
  12. I’m always looking but rarely see one. I think the lack of drivetrain options is an issue. It’s odd the 2.0L and 3.2L diesels aren’t offered.
  13. The fiberglass front springs for a CH.? Can u still get them.? Looking to shave a few pounds.
  14. A new partnership between A. Duie Pyle and Oak Harbor Freight Lines will expand the Pennsylvania fleets operational footprint to the West Coast for the first time, the company said. View the full article
  15. HBIS 600 672 cu.in. https://www.dieselworldmag.com/diesel-engines/where-old-cummins-diesels-go-to-live-again/
  16. All my torque rods are Atro. The ones that run front to back, i just replace the bushing. The side to side I have to buy whole rod. Now my mack dealer sells them.
  17. I have friend that has a 180 with a blower I'll have to look at it.
  18. i think it may be an old "H" cummins of the 180-220 hp variety.
  19. It looks like a new fangled cigar cutter or ultra shaver head for Hairy's or Bic. Need to clean the table before taking a photo because of all those white specks everywhere. 👍
  20. A UD truck equipped with a Level 4 autonomous control system has made Japan’s first-ever trip over public roads, delivering sugar beets to a refining mill on the northern island of Hokkaido. View the full article
  21. I got a 300/320 and that ain't it. Plus I don't see piston cooler plugs that a 300/320 would have. Injection pump looks to be a disc not a PT so it is old, old. Intake and exhaust are on opposite sides on a four valve 743. The mystery continues...
  22. I’m not sure fjh I had the motor rebuilt recently and in the bulletin that Mack put out that some one had posted on here awhile back. It talked about if major components was changed that it might do this. The problem only arrived after the motor was rebuilt. I can make it do it all day from 800 to 1100 rpms but long as i stay above that range it runs like a top. Every stop sign and stop light does it and being it’s a quint axle dump truck with 23 tons it kills it the resistors should be in tomorrow . Witch wire do I put it in or does it matter? thanks for you Guys help
  23. Economic activity drives the freight market, but paying attention only to indicators of the economy’s overall health doesn’t tell the whole story of what may be ahead for trucking. View the full article
  24. Along with the upgrading to ceramic pucks instead of the old organic disc helped me a lot. That old organic would start to smelling real quick with just slipping it a little. I had heavier springs put in the pressure plate as well, which really did the trick, and not to heavy on the left foot. No issues since and it is a double disc behind an 866 V8. Correct the bell housing is different and input shaft is longer to run a double disc and really hard to find any parts for the setup anymore. Don't know if they are still doing rebuilds on clutches but South Bend Clutch in Indiana did mine years ago.
  25. The space dog is a different project... lol! I’m hoping to be able to share more info next week or the week after. That’s all I can say for now though... it won’t be for everyone but I intend on spreading the word any way I can!
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