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  2. It's a mack remack maxitorque 10 speed. It was remanned in 2017 and its mated with an mp7 in a 2013 mack trans vac owned by Basic Energy. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. Eh not a big deal. Today for Indigenous People Day I serenaded the town with 5 hours of Mountain, Black Sabbath, Cream, Country Joe and the Fish, Mitch Ryder and Commander Cody.
  4. My ancestors came from Cape Elizabeth when it was still the Mass Bay Colony, due to a disagreement over privateering with the Crown in 1630, we had to go live with the Dutch in New Amsterdam.
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  6. Wish it was in the cards to get down there this year for the show. Hopefully some folks will share their pics with us.
  7. the height signs in the city are WAY better than they used to be. with a dump trailer you can go almost anywhere. Prob can't be more than about 11 ft with the dump trailer, i would think...I can sneak under the RIchards St train tracks in Joliet, I think that one says 10'11"
  8. You can get those as a free download off of Mack E-media or buy the published manual there. I bought my last manual right over the counter at the dealership.
  9. Mr Hancock have ur camera ready for those RD and Superliners for me lol
  10. Man we re getting more work in Chicago. Wish I still had my bridge clearance map and s truck route map.lost my only copy of that American map co one.i ll be the one getting the ticket cause I speak English lol
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  12. Yes it would be very classy David So anyone got any ideas They had some interesting different logos that I can think of back then So any input welcomed Paul
  13. For a 2000 460 I used to borrow the one from my dealer but they lent it out and is now missing. The cover was like a dark red or purple. Thanks
  14. I translated the hieroglyphics. @= I #= Love $= Mack &= Transmissions %= and $= Pumpkin pie That's awesome, those are my favorites too!!!
  15. What transmission is it? Did you do any work to it prior to the issue occurring?
  16. So this truck stamped as a B73T, should be Cummins powered and a single axle tractor, correct?
  17. Pretty cool,,,,some great looking iron... as some of you know, I worked for nissens bakery back in the 70,s... drove a mustang, 9000,and road bosses ...aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh,, the good ole days...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I have a stainless R Model grill in very good condition $200. I can't seem to post pics here until I figure it out if your interested I can email or text them to you.
  19. If it's an older Mack Transmission I know some had syncros so if it was put together wrong it'd probably be out of sync which would cause it to grind and not shift. If everything is put together right all I can tell you is practice...
  20. Spent most of my time in Aroostook County and Fryeburg , potatoe country, all we could haul back in 70s before deregulation. (produce)
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